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Bruce Lee is a action platformer that was published by Datasoft. While it was released on many platforms, it is the Commodore 64 release that is typcially known to be the definitive version of the game.

The game is a multi-screen platformer, switching between single screen levels as the player progresses. The objectives include collecting lanterns, fighting enemies and negotiating the dangerous environment. 
The story of the game features legendary martial arts master Bruce Lee in the search for an evil sorcerer. As Lee, the player fights his way through the levels by running, kicking, climbing and jumping. Lee can also perform a flying kick.  The enemies chasing him throughout every screen are The Black Ninja and The Green Yamo. The Black Ninja attacks the player with a stick while The Green Yamo (essentially a sumo wrestler) can fight Lee with his fists or his own flying kick. The enemies track Lee throughout the game and constantly try to chase him down.  
In addition to enemies, the environment of each level offers its own hazards. Flame traps and electrified platforms are the most common traps waiting for Lee. The majority of these are timing based. 
It was also possible for a second player to take control of The Green Yamo with another controller much in the same way players could control Tails in the single player mode of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

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