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    The Jiralhanae are called Brutes by the UNSC. As a result of the expulsion of the elites from the Covenant, they serve as the primary antagonists during the events of Halo 2 and 3.

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    Jiralhenea, also known as Brutes, are massive simian creatures standing at about 9' and weighting in at around 1400lbs. These aggressive creatures are very dangerous, they have thick powerfully built bodies and hair covered features with thick rhino-like skin. They follow a pack alpha male mentality which had conflicted directly with the Elites and their higher ranking within the Covenant hierarchy before the Elites left the Covenant. Brutes hate Elites and Elites hate Brutes.

    Brutes are very war-like creatures and have a major fetish for placing blades on many of their brutal weapons and vehicles. These creatures are very relatable to barbarians or savages in many respects; they have no need for pity and only respect strength. This is probably where the term "Brutes" come from. Brutes, though simple minded, can show cunning and strategy at times. Higher ranking Alphas are often the more intelligent of their kind. When Brute is angered it becomes even more savage and dangerous. In the Halo games Brutes often lose control when a player shoots them or when their Chieftain is killed, starting a rampage of destruction.


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