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    Bryan Regis Harrisworth III

    Character » appears in 2 games

    Known as The Beast of Hall 22, Bryan is a psychotic student in a hockey mask and a puffy purple jacket that spreads havoc across San Bruno High School. His ability to wield electricity and construct objects from it makes him all the more of a threat.

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    Bryan spent much of his youth in a mental institution, following an outburst when he developed his elemental powers. Because of his perchance of shying away from others and his strange, blue-tinted skin, he was picked on a lot, and so when his electricity control manifested, he went a bit off the hinge.

    He was released on his 17th birthday, as the institution felt he was ready to rejoin society. However, this was far from the truth, and the aggressive young man donned a white mask and began terrorizing the other students as The Beast of Hall 22.

    Bryan found his defeat, however, at the hands of Arvid Romm. Arvid's blows seemed to knock a bit of sense into him, as he slowly began to regain his sanity, little-by-little. He was still a bit off-kilter, but at least he had some semblance of normalcy. One day, he heard San Bruno High's new Principal make an announcement over the intercom. The voice rang familiar to Bryan in some way, so he set off to find more about this mysterious headmaster. Along the way, he has to contend with Arvid, who still thinks him a villain, and the chaos-loving Klein Zauber.


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