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    Bryce Dawkins

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    Bryce Dawkins is the Deputy Mayor of Liberty City. He is romantically linked to Bernie Crane.

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    Bryce Dawkins is Deputy Mayor of Liberty City, a closet homosexual who rose to power on an anti-gay platform. He has a house in North Alderney, and drives a red Infernus sports car. Dawkins does not appear directly in Grand Theft Auto IV, but is only mentioned indirectly, either through news reports, or through conversation with his boyfriend, Bernie Crane. Niko Bellic provides some assistance to Crane which helps keep Dawkins closeted, and eventually receives Dawkins' Infernus sports car as a reward.

    Bryce Dawkins is also mentioned in Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned, as a political enemy of Congressman Stubbs. In an optional mission, Johnny Klebitz must steal Bryce's car, drive it down to a shop where a bug is planted, then return it without Bryce's knowledge. If the mission is completed successfully, the player can then listen to the bug via cell phone and hear some of the conversations Dawkins has in his car.


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