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BS Chrono Trigger: Jet Bike Special was released in 1995 only in Japan for the SNES Satellaview attachment. Jet Bike Special consists entirely of the motorcycle/robot racing minigame from Chrono Trigger that takes place in 2300 A.D. Jet Bike Special adds another mode, an "Ask Johnny" feature, and a feature that records the player's best scores on the minigame. Jet Bike Special was developed by Squaresoft and published by Nintendo.

Replays are stored of the top ten best runs.
Replays are stored of the top ten best runs.

Jet Bike Special's gameplay is simple; Johnny and Crono race each other in a Mode 7 post-apocalyptic wasteland. There are two game modes (Game Mode 1 and Game Mode 2). There are only minor differences between each mode. Game Mode 1 allows the player to boost by pressing the B button, while Game Mode 2 removes this boosting feature (theoretically making the race more difficult, and allowing the player to earn more points). Points are earned through the race by going distance without crashing into Johnny. Crashing into him from the front does grant some amount of points, but crashing into his tail end will take away points. These points are recorded into a top ten ranking overall (not one for each mode), with replays of all ten available for watching.

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