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    BSL Research Station

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    Short for Biologic Space Laboratories, the BSL Research station is the setting of Metroid: Fusion and Samus Aran's battles against the mutagenic parasite called SA-X

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    The Biologic Space Laboratories (or BSL for short) Research Station is a scientific research lab in orbit above SR388, the home planet of the Metroid species. It appears in Metroid: Fusion, and the entire game is played in its corridors. The BSL station is attacked by the X Parasite that took control of Samus Aran's old power suit, morphing into the being known as SA-X. The SA-X then proceeds to produce and infect other test creatures aboard the station with the X Parasite. Samus Aran must brave the parasite-infested corridors and put a stop to the SA-X.

    BSL Station Design

    Unlike many of the Metroid series' locations, instead of being a maze-like series of caverns, the BSL station is split into distinct areas, each accessed by a central hub area. Much of the interior of the BSL station is modeled with habitat domes that correspond to locations found on SR388 and planet Zebes, housing familiar enemies from those locations that have been infected by the X Parasite. These six areas are...
    • Sector 1 (SRX) - a reproduction of SR388's environment
    • Sector 2 (TRO) - a tropical habitat overrun with vegetation
    • Sector 3 (PYR) - a high temperature environment based on deserts and volcanoes
    • Sector 4 (AQA) - an aquatic sector with fish tanks and coral reefs
    • Sector 5 (ARC) - a sub zero area made to reproduce arctic environments
    • Sector 6 (NOC) - a darkened environment designed to support nocturnal species with a restricted zone dedicated to a classified Metroid breeding program

    Like other Metroid games, however, there are secret passages that link areas in addition to the hub, as well as secret rooms not seen on the map, and plenty of series-defining backtracking in order to open new areas and find new items.

    The BSL research station self destructs and crashes on planet SR388 at the end of Metroid: Fusion, destroying both the station and the planet.

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