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Thats right folks, its Bubsy, everyones favorite Bobcat!

I have a great deal of love for the first game in the Bubsy franchise. Bubsy 2 is just okay and Bubsy 3D is terrible but the first game in the series is actually a competent 2D 16 Bit platformer that had great animation, funny death animations, creative enemies, and interesting worlds. It also features some really fun music.

I will be playing through the game using minimal save states(this game gets frustrating fast) and posting the vids on this thread. Save states will be used at the Start of a level, Check points, and before bosses. I may end up breakng my own rules as it gets further into the game though.

I Don't know how frequently new episodes will be posted but I expect to do at least one every few days if time permits.

Now I present the first episode of Lets Play Bubsy!

Episode 1: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


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