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    Buck Bumble

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Sep 30, 1998

    As a cyborg bee, Buck Bumble must stop the evil Herd Army who are bent on taking over the garden, and eventually the whole world.

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    Buck Bumble (バックバンブル Bakkubanburu) is a third-person shooter for the N64 in which players take the role of the cyborg bee Buck Bumble, a member of the Resistance, a group dedicated to stopping the Herd Army, a group of bugs who, after a chemical spill in London, are hell bent on taking over the garden and then the world.


    Buzz Bumble features two multiplayer modes.

    Buzz Battle

    Buzz Battle is a two-player deathmatch style mode. Two local players can take part in this dogfight mode, scoring points by knocking the other player out.

    Buzz Ball

    Buzz Ball is a two-player football style game. Two local players try to knock a football into the opposing player's net. Players can use the simple zapper gun to move the ball along or a stronger rocket launcher to propel the ball wildly in a different direction. Players are also able to knock each other out to gain an advantage.

    Rumble Pak

    A limited edition yellow and black striped Rumble Pak, made by third-party peripheral maker Joy Tech, was packaged with the UK version of the game. The pack-in was limited to Dixons and Currys stores.


    The soundtrack for Buck Bumble was composed by Justin Scharvona. It is heavily influenced by UK Garage & House music, a genre that was particularly popular in the UK at the time of release.

    The track 'Bumblefuck' by techno producer Renard features of sample taken from the main Buck Bumble theme by Justin Scharvona.


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