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    A pokemon first found in Sinnoh. It Evolves into Roselia.

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    National Pokedex No
    : #406 
    Classification: Bud Pokémon
    Type: Grass, Poison
    Ability: Natural Cure or Poison Point
    Height: 0'08''
    Weight: 2.6 lbs
    Routes 204, 212, Eterna Forest, Great Marsh ( Diamond, Pearl)
    Routes 204, 205, 208, Eterna Forest ( Platinum)
    Ilex Forest, Viridian Forest [Sinnoh Sound] ( Heart Gold, Soul Silver)
    Evolves at: n/a 
    It can be find near fresh water. 


    Evolutionary Chain

    Budew  (Level up with 220-255 happiness during Day)  --> Roselia (Shiny Stone) --> Roserade 

    Pokedex Entry

     Budew in the Anime
     Budew in the Anime
    • Diamond: Over the winter, it closes its bud and endures the cold. In spring, the bud opens and releases pollen. 
    • Pearl: It lives along clear ponds. It scatters pollen that induces harsh sneezing and runny noses. 
    • Platinum: Sensitive to changing temperature, the bud it said to bloom when it feels the sun's warm touch. 
    • HeartGold/SoulSilver: When it feels the sun's warm touch, it opens its bud to release pollen. It lives alongside clear pools.

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