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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released May 15, 1995

    Bug! was an early 3D platformer published by Sega, first for the Saturn and later for PC.

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    Bug! was an early Saturn title, released in 1995 shortly after the Saturn's launch. It is notable for being one of the first 3D platformers, beating Mario 64 to the market by about a year. A PC port of Bug!, made by Beam Software, was released in 1996.


    Unlike Mario, Bug! is a very linear game, while players can go any way they please, most of the game is made up of narrow walkways essentially. In addition, the game is structured much like a linear 2D platform game where Bug has to get from point A to point B, as opposed to the more freeform gameplay of later 3D platformers. The story was also fairly unique in that Bug was a movie star, and the whole scenario was merely a fictitious movie that players were shooting; in other words, none of the characters were ever in any real danger.


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