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The game takes place 2000 years after the world was taken over by demons. Now, a great and powerful warrior named Lau Wong has come to purge the world of the evil menace. You play as Lau, who uses two swords to hack his way through the hordes of demons. Lau has to face off against an evil half-demon man named Lei, while trying to rescue a mysterious woman named Yohfa.


The game follows a simple framework of a hack 'n' slash game: you string together combos, learn new moves, and find powerups. Lau is very agile, able to perform amazing jumps, run on walls, and even fly for short periods of time. There are some spells thrown in along with a "clashing" mechanic. While defending, you can initiate a clash, which allows you to parry the opponent's
Clashing not only gives you points; it also looks awesome!
Clashing not only gives you points; it also looks awesome!
attack and retaliate. Casting spells, clashing, and stringing together long combos can help to earn you style points. Gaining style points along with collecting orbs allows you to purchase upgrades before each level.

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