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Buku Sudoku is a videogame representation of the popular logic puzzle, Sudoku for XBox Live Arcade. The game offers puzzles of different sizes and difficulties that can be solved alone, or in co-op. Three different online multiplayer modes, Team Battle, Duel, and Co-op, are also available. Statistics are tracked and points are awarded for completing puzzles which go into a cumulative score which can be compared online on leaderboards.Five different themes can be used to change the look of the puzzles. Players can also cycle through six different background music tracks.The game offers a number of control schemes, including ones to play the game one-handed, and the ability to mark boxes with possible solutions.

Downloadable Content

So far, two downloadable content packs have been made available for free, each featuring new puzzles.


Buku Sudoku features some of the easiest achievement points of all Live Arcade games. Some are a little time consuming, but all should be achievable after a couple of afternoon sessions if you’re not interested in just playing Sudoku puzzles for real. The hardest part about getting the multiplayer achievements is actually finding people to play against.Beat the Basics 10gComplete all the tutorials.Self-explanatory.Too Fast 20gComplete a single player 9x9 puzzle in 1 minute and 20 seconds.Play on easy and turn on Auto-Pencil and Show Errors in the settings menu. This will allow you to see all the possible numbers an empty box can be, then it’s just a matter of spotting the ones where it can only be one answer and then filling the puzzle in as quickly as possible. Most of the achievements in this game are made super easy by using this feature.Master 20gComplete 200 puzzles.The quickest, and easiest way to get this is to play easy 6X6 games with Auto-Pencil turned on and tear through them as quickly as possible. Puzzles take on average ten to fifteen seconds like playing like that.Natural 10gSolve 10 puzzles without any helpers.Play on easy 6X6, but make sure you’ve turned Auto-Pencil and Show Errors off. Get it on your way to completing two hundred puzzles.Sampler 10gComplete a puzzle of each difficulty.Use Auto-Pencil again. If you’re still having trouble and are no good at Sudoku, there are web based solvers you can type the numbers into.Super Sizes 20gBeat a puzzle in each grid size: 6x6, 8x8, 9x9, and 12x12.Easy Auto-Pencil = 20g.Time Bandit 15gBeat the time limit for 10 puzzles in Timed mode.Auto-Pencil is your friend again.Buku Bank 10gReach 2,500,000 Buku Score.You’ll get this way before you’ve solved 200 puzzles.Grand Master 30gReach 10,000,000 Buku ScoreKeep playing the easy 6X6 puzzles you did for the 200 puzzles solved and you’ll get this eventually.Wired 20gComplete 20 Xbox LIVE Games.The easiest way to get this is to play co-op as you’re guaranteed to complete the puzzle each time. Play smaller puzzles to get through it quickly.Friend and Foe 10gComplete 1 puzzle in Co-op, Team Battle, and Duel in Xbox LIVE modeComplete also means win in the context of Duel and Battle modes, because obviously if you don’t finish the puzzle before your opponent, you’ll lose. Team Battle can be played with one person teams.Socialite 25gComplete 25 Multiplayer Games, in either Online or Local Multiplayer game play.If you’re having trouble finding players online, plug in a second controller and play co-op. Make sure both players score points or it won’t count.


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