Is the Gears 3 Beta on the Disc or is it a Code?

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The reason I ask is because I may be able to get the game used for about $20 less.

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i think its on the disc - i only entered the online pass when i got my epic edition....  unless the codes that come with the epic edition contain the online pass AND the beta key.. :/ 
in short - dont know sorry :(

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The game comes with a lame-o EA Online Pass code, so without that little slip of paper you'll have to fork over $10 if you want to play multiplayer (which I'm sure affects the Gears beta - which requires the disc). If you don't care about the MP or the beta, not a bad price for used.
Amazon has it (today only - 3/7) for $39.99, new. So that's something to chew on also.

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Yes, the Online Pass is required to activate the Beta. Without one the Beta won't even appear on the main menu.

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  You'll need the disc in the drive during the entire beta to play.

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