More games like Bulletstorm?

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Ok so I bought Bulletstorm yesterday and played a bunch of it, it is a very good game and very refreshing in this day and age. I don't know the last time I played a FPS that has a feel like this. What I love about the game is how I am actully really enjoying the single player, it is a much better single play experince than say...Black Ops! I love how the wepons feel and the gameplay and pacing is great. Bulletstorm has online, but only a mode where you work co-op to build up enough points by killing enimies. So yeah do you guys want more FPS's like this, I mean its a FPS that relies on Single Player way more than Multiplayer, but is that what you guys want?  
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There are plenty of other FPS's that focus on Single Player. Bioshock, Metro 2033, too many to name really. If you're looking for games based around that scoring style thing The Club and of course FIDDY CENT were both a lot like that. I didn't think The Club was much cop though.

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And neither were FPS...Do those games sell though, I would have thought most people would buy COD and shun everything else
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This is another game like Bulletstorm.
This is another game like Bulletstorm.

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