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Skill(Shots) for Kills Space Pirates!

Bulletstorm is all about killing people in crazy ways to rack up a nice score no matter what mode you're playing through. Thanks to the strength of Grayson Hunt, you can kick and slide into foes launching them into the air, where you can string together some nice combinations that will further your kill count and score. You'll hear lots of bad language here, and blood & gore aplenty, but it's all done in good  health here and great way to to just let go of the realism games are trying to achieve and just have some plain ol' fun! 

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In Bulletstorm's Campaign, you play as Space Pirate Grayson Hunt, a former of Dead Echo where under the command of General Sorano, was tasked with doing some dirty work. When Grayson finds out the truth, he seeks out to confront the General. One thing leads to another, and you find yourself on an planet with very hostile locales. 

These poor guys never stood a chance.  

Hunt must boot kick and skillshot his way through everyone if he wishes to escape, and in the 5-7 hour campaign, all the elements that have brought him to the planet reveal themselves over time. It's a great ride and seems to be one that will have to continue down the line.

You could probably make it through a nice chunk of Bulletstom without even performing the ridiculous kills, but that's not too fun. For campaign, echoes, and Anarchy mode, scores = currency, so you'll want to pull off crazy kills to gain money to buy more weapons or just to simply upgrade your current ones. The leash you gain can also be upgrade too, and is essential to bring poor victims into your range while scanning the environment for ways to dispose of them.   

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Of all the ways to kill, I really liked performing the Voodoo doll skillshot. It's essential impaling enemies into objects, but you could pull it off in various ways. The chances you get to "blow out a man's asshole", occur only a few times, but are pretty hilarious and not to mention  rack up a nice score to provide more points for upgrading.

Besides Campaign, you can enjoy Echoes mode which is a solo affair, but offers you a chance to compete with friends via the leaderboards. You are ranked per each level which takes your score and earns you a star rating. 

The Multiplayer mode featuring four players is Anarchy mode. In this mode, you take on waves of enemies while racking up points and performing co-op skillshots. What sets this apart from the now common survival mode is that a certain score must be met to advance to the next round. You could breeze past the first few, but soon you will find yourself scrambling with friends to meet the required score for a round.

Overall multiplayer is a great addition and more content will be coming for players to enjoy.  

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Bulletstorm is really fun and has a great campaign, but at least for me, the fun ran out after trying all the modes a few times and completing the campaign. I'm not sure about it's longevity, especially after the Gears of War 3 Beta included with the Epic edition will begin.

If you can find it for a decent price and have friends that want to play with you online, I'd say do that, but a rental will also give you a nice chance to check out the great gameplay. This is a project ten dollar game as well, so just know that if you want to buy used or borrow it from a friend. 

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