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Killing with skill is an absolute thrill... Dicktits.

 Bullestorm places you in the combat boots of one Grayson Hunt, former military bad ass turned space pirate badass who has a score to settle with his old boss after finding out he'd been manipulating his team into killing innocents. The story isn't why you'll play Bulletstorm, that being said it isn't half bad. It gives you plenty of excuses to murder everything you come across and really, what more need it do?

The game doesn't take itself seriously in the slightest, which is to it's benefit in my book.
All the gruff, hardened military badasses are constantly spouting one-liners and made up curse words, which frequently get a chuckle out of me at least but as I often say I am at heart a teenager. Fill your game with gratuitous violence and language and I'll at least give your game a look. But those " juvenile" qualities are just the icing on the cake for me, the gameplay is actually pretty good.

Bullestorm offers a small, but versatile arsenal of guns - all of which have alternate fire modes - and then of course there's the leash, used to pull foes toward you or launch them into the air.
Oh. And kick mechanic that would make Duke Nukem envious.

The game encourages you to kill creatively or kill with skill. Shooting a dude in the face is grand, but if kick him away from you before you shoot him in the face that would be even better. Kick him into conveniently placed spikes and you're golden. These skill shots give you points which you can use at specific points throughout the game to buy more ammo, charge shots for your alternate fire and so on.

To begin with I felt ammo was somewhat scarce, but as you get more weapons to play with and more ways to kill dudes that problem quickly goes away and you'll have more points than you really need.

My only real complaint is that the game didn't seem to last long.
I finished it in maybe two sittings. 8-10 hours I'd guess .
I know that's considered the average now, but at least another couple of hour would've been nice.

But I enjoyed the game plenty and my fingers are crossed it does well enough to warrant a sequel.

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