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    Bullpup Rifle

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    A rifle with its working mechanism located in the stock.

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    The Bullpup design gives a firearm two advantages over non-bullpup weaponry. Firstly, because the magazine and action are located farther back on the rifle, you can have the same barrel length while shortening the rifle itself. This gives the weapon much more maneuverability in small,confined spaces. Secondly, since your rifle is now shorter you can remove a large amount of weight from it, further increasing the ease of use.
    This design philosophy doesn't come without drawbacks, however. Since the action is closer to the user's body, the recoil can be greater. The weapon is also more prone to muzzle rise, which can decrease the user's accuracy over longer distances, as there is more weight towards the back of the rife. Bolt size might also be reduced in order to fit inside the stock, which would reduce bullet velocity.

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