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    Bullworth Academy

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    Bullworth Academy, the school were bullying is at it's highest and as Jimmy Hopkins you demand respect from all of the other students. You run this school.

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    Bullworth Academy, a private school where all the creeps and trouble makers go who didn't cut it in public school, or have been dealt a very bad hand from their parents. If you aren't in a group at this school, even the nerd will think you're a loser. The school is broken up into four different groups. Greasers, their hang out is the garage in the school where they work on their bikes. Jocks, the tough athletes who hang out near the football field and are obsessed with their muscles and sports. Preps, the rich, stuck up snobs who see themselves as superior to everyone else. They have the best money can buy and they hang out in the boxing arena in Bullworth Vale. Finally, the Nerds, while they have the knowledge to build most of the projectile weapons in Bully for you, they are constantly picked on by the other groups. Their hangout is the library and observatory.

    Bullworth Academy is a place that should only be chosen as a last resort. The school is filled with bullies, crazed teachers, and one very disgusting lunch lady. You've been warned, Bullworth Academy is not for the weak minded.


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