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Great. 0

 Is it possible for Rockstar to make a bad game? Seriously....anyway, Bully is the latest from Rockstar(and Rockstar Vancouver Studios first game) and it basically has all the formula's from their previous games, put into one....The gameplay in Bully is much like GTA's open system. You have missions to do, etc., but the different thing about that is that Time matters, and you need to attend school. School has a variety of classes(Art, English, Chemistry, Gym, Shop, etc.) and they all have easy, ...

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Bully 0

It's cool to see one of these sandboxy, open world games that has a tighter approach and doesn't have a gangster theme to it. It's actually not that open, it would have been cool to play the different factions against each other, but all you really do is proceed through the storyline missions, gaining the respect of all the groups before the final showdown. Having to go to class and stuff like that could have gotten in the way, but it's fairly easy to skip class if you want to, and once you've p...

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A Sith Reviews: Bully 0

School, there is no better place to cause mayhem and act as a site of bedlam. Such is the case in Rockstar Vancouver's Canis Canem Edit, or its American name, Bully. Much controversy has been caused among those opposed to violence in video games, especially due to the T rating by the ESRB, which allows teens access to the game. In line with another Rockstar title that preceded Bully, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the game was well received by critics and sold exceptionally for a last generation...

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Bully - A different take on sandbox games 0

I would like to start by stating that this is one of my favorite games of all time. Bully takes a perspective that no other game as ever taken, and runs with it. Jimmy Hopkins is a 15 year old trouble maker that moves to Bullworth Academy. The story takes on a GTA type formula where you do missions as "favors." The story mode has some great characters and missions that kept me entertained throughout.It's like a work your way up the food chain kinda thing. One thing that stands out the most compa...

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Bully Review 0

Bully is about a kid, named Jimmy Hopkins, who is forced to go to the worst school in the country, Bullwoth Academy, while his mom is on her 5th honeymoon, that lasts for the whole year. At the school, Jimmy faces Teachers (bad ones,) Jocks (dumb football players and wrestlers,) Peppies (spoiled rich kids,) Nerds (smart kids who get picked-on and beat-up alot,) Greasers (50's throwbacks,) BUllies (dumb kids that beat-up other kids, and Townies (dropouts.)First off, people made way too big of a d...

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Bully Review 0

First off,Bully is a very immersive game,it has characters more likable than the GTA franchise and a great story that revolves around a 15 year old boy Jimmy Hopkins.The graphics are good for the ps2,and the game doesnt have punishing difficulty.In the whole game i think i had trouble with only 1 or two missions.The game has a freeroam element like GTA,you can roam around the city,but only in the parts that you have unlocked by progressing the story.The game has the same type of great humor that...

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All in all, Bully is NOT just another brick in the wall. 0

Bully for PS2 is a sandbox game made by the mother of all sandbox game makers, Rockstar. At first this game may feel like Grand Theft Auto "goes back to school", but once you get under the hood and give the game a few hours, you're going to realize that Bully has its very own unique style, heart, world, and a Trapper Keeper full of humor. You play the game as Jimmy Hopkins, a bit of a rebel without a cause who is sent to a boarding school called Bullworth Academy as a way of getting him out of ...

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