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    Rockstar swaps gangsters for delinquents in their open-world formula, giving players control of a new student at a rough-and-tumble private school.

    turboman's Canis Canem Edit (PlayStation 2) review

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     Is it possible for Rockstar to make a bad game? Seriously....

    anyway, Bully is the latest from Rockstar(and Rockstar Vancouver Studios first game) and it basically has all the formula's from their previous games, put into one....

    The gameplay in Bully is much like GTA's open system. You have missions to do, etc., but the different thing about that is that Time matters, and you need to attend school. School has a variety of classes(Art, English, Chemistry, Gym, Shop, etc.) and they all have easy, simple minigames that shouldn't take that much time and attention to complete. Now the missions are very different, no mission in the game is the same. And missions like the boss fights, could be the best missions ever made by any Rockstar game.

    Even though that this uses the GTA system, the Bike mechanics and skateboard mechanics are pretty stale, which is bad, because those are the only two vehicles you have in the game(besides mopeds).

    The Open Sandbox style might be in full effect, but the fighting system is much like the one you see in The Warriors, which is great. Hand-to-Hand Combat is never stale in the game, and even though there is no blood, there are plenty of satisfying weapons for you to use(Firecrackers, anyone?)

    The Graphics might not be the best ever, but they are pretty impressive for a Rockstar Game. But the big thing to talk about here is the motion capture. All the characters are given life by the animations in the cutscenes, and it is really impressive.

    The sound is great. This game could have the best original score of the year(even better than Okami). It's really a great soundtrack that makes the game feel like your playing a High School movie from the 1980's.

    Also the voice work is fantastic. All the kids are distinguishable and likeable just from their voice.

    The setting of the game is at a school, and you become close to plenty of the characters, and each character is in every hallway, and wherever they hang out in the game, and it's not any random people around the school, their all students, and there isn't a 2nd one from any one of them.

    The game will take about 13ish hours to beat the main story, and it has plenty to do after that, but no where as much as GTA games.

    Bully is a must buy for mostly all PS2 owners for the holiday season, no Bull.    

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