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    Bunny Suit

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    Originally popularised by Playboy, this outfit has become popular in Japanese popular culture, being seen as a sex symbol. It is commonly used in video games as a means of titillation.

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    A Bunny Suit typically consists of a satin-like one piece and headband with artificial rabbit ears mounted on it. It is also commonly worn with tights, high heels, bowties, and cuffs. In the case of some mildly anthropomorphic characters they may have real rabbit ears instead of wearing a headband. The outfit was originally worn by waitresses of the Playboy gentleman's club and became a recognised sex symbol. It later began to appear in various manga and anime, and given Japan's heavy influence on the games industry began to make appearances in video games.

    It is more common for it to be found as an unlockable or alternative outfit for characters than a permanent form of attire for them. This is the case for example with many of the characters in the Dead or Alive franchise or Riven in League of Legends. Generally, it is more common in Japanese games, at least in part because of copyright restrictions on the costume in the west. There are however examples of the costume being used in western games under official Playboy branding such as in management game Playboy: The Mansion or in Dead Rising 2 which makes liberal use of Playboy product placement.


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