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Burai Fighter is a shooter that was released for the NES, Game Boy and Game Boy Color. It had different names on each platform; Burai Fighter on the NES, Burai Fighter Deluxe on the Game Boy and Burai Fighter Color in Japan and Space Marauder in the US on the Game Boy Color. The game has two different types of game play levels, described below.


In Burai Fighter you control a nameless hero whose mission is to defeat the Burai and destroy their seven bases. The Burai are a race of super-brains, who for thousands of years have been trying to take over the universe. They can’t do it alone however so they have been busy creating armies of robo-mutants. They produce these monsters at their manufacturing bases, which of course you must destroy. You have to face the five Burai: Giganticrab, Jawsipede, Fangskull, Torchwing and finally Slimdragon. You’ll have an arsenal of weapons and your proton pack to aid you but even then, it’ll be a challenge.

Game Play

Burai Fighter is a side-scrolling shooter that is unique from many other shooters for a variety of reasons.

Burai Fighter is unlike most shooters as the game doesn’t just scroll from one side to the other, it often changes directions and takes different paths. Not all of the game’s levels are side scrolling though. A few of the levels of played from the top down perspective with the objective being you trying to find a base and destroy it. Before the beginning of these levels you are giving a map showing where you are and where the base is; yes, like a mall map.

The game is unique from most other shooters in the fact that you can freely touch any wall without being damaged. In fact it’s encouraged as there are many hidden rooms with goodies in them. When you stumble upon one, the camera changes path and leads you into the room briefly, then once it’s scrolled all the way through, begin making it’s way back to the main path.

The HUD shows your score, lives, your current weapon, how many upgrades of that weapon you have picked up as well as a bar that fills up whenever you pick up "Cobalt Bombs". The Cobalt Bombs are sometimes dropped by enemies and if you can fill said bar, you will attain an extra life. You can also press the A button if the bar is somewhat filled to do a special attack which clears everything off the screen.

As you play the game there will be weapon upgrades that flash between the three possible weapons. You can continue to pick them up until that specific weapon upgrades to a better version. The first upgrade will occur when you pick up 5 and the last upgrade when you pick up 10.

Weapon Details

  • Starter Weapon: The typical weapon, like any in any other shooter. The starter weapon shoots bullets the length of the screen.

  • Laser: The Laser can be compared to the starting weapon in that it shoots a straight line and goes the distance of the screen until hitting an obstacle. At the first weapon change you shoot two beams, one in the direction you’re aiming and another in the opposite direction. The last upgrade allows you to shoot four laser beams in an X pattern.

  • Ring: When using the Ring you shoot a circular disc that can go through walls; the starter weapon also shoots when using the Ring. The first upgrade shoots rings the direction you’re aiming and the opposite direction. The last upgrade makes you shoot a disc in the opposite direction you're aiming and a spread of three rings the direction you are aiming.

  • Missile: The Missile is similar to the Ring in that when you shoot it, you also shoot the starter weapon. The missile however always shoots forward, even if you are aiming in a different direction. The first upgrade makes missiles shoot to the left and to the right. The final upgrade shoots missiles in every central direction; up, down, left and right.

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