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Title screen (NES)
Title screen (NES)

BurgerTime is an Arcade game originally released in Japan in 1982 under the name Hamburger on Data East's cassette-based arcade hardware. Later ports and versions in other regions, however, would simply be called BurgerTime, and the original Hamburger name quickly fell by the wayside.

A single-screen maze game, the stages are a series of platforms with sections that are made of components of a mighty hamburger. These ingredients are placed in the level vertically so that, as the player character walked across them, they would drop until eventually making a complete sandwich at the bottom of the screen. The finished burgers are such titans that it dwarfs the player character. Of note, the servers who would carry this burger to the customers are never shown.

The player controls Peter Pepper, a chef whose objective is to walk, climb and scurry all over the platforms in order to build his burgers. As the chef walks completely across the top of a layer, it will drops one level below, thus knocking the layer beneath down one level also. After all the layers have been dropped onto the platters awaiting below, the burger is complete and the player's score is boosted. When all hamburgers are completed, only then is the level clear.

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As with most of the games of the time, the levels become more complex and difficult as the player progresses. This is accomplished through varied platform layouts, more enemies, and an ever-increasing number of burger components. Just like in real life, no-one orders a plain cheeseburger forever. While the chef fights to keep his customers fed and happy, he is besieged by three malcontents of the food industry: Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Pickle and Mr. Egg. These 3 can be killed temporarily by dropping a layer of the burger on top of them but it is a short-term solution as they reappear at the edge of the screen after a short time. A crafty chef can also make the fiends chase him across a partially walked across layer and then complete it as the enemy steps on to it. The layer will then drop along with the enemy whose weight causes it to drop two levels as opposed to just one. An added benefit to this technique is that it temporarily stuns the enemy. It's possible to crush other enemies beneath the falling enemy and burger as well. Peter Pepper also has a small supply of pepper he can throw in the enemies face to render them harmless for a few seconds. Additional pepper can be acquired by picking up ice cream and other items that will randomly spawn on the level.

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