Burn: Cycle

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released 1994

    A cyberpunk FMV adventure game from 1994.

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    Burn: Cycle is a point-and-click-adventure from the early 1990s which has many of the characteristics of the early games made available on the relatively new format of compact disc. The graphics were a mix of polygonal backgrounds with live actors imposed over them. The game is played largely via a first-person perspective, in which the player clicks on objects to collect/shoot/interact with them.


    This adventure title put you in the shoes of a courier named Sol Cutter (along the lines of Johnny Mnemonic) who carries sensitive information in a hard drive grafted into his head. At the outset, you are in the middle of a job and suddenly a piece of the data glitches and knocks you on your butt. From here, you have to escape the enemy compound and get back in touch with your manager/pilot/friend Kris. This goes incredibly wrong and you are forced to run and go undercover. You eventually run into a few interesting characters who help you along your journey like Zip, a man who's addiction to direct sensation input gives him connections to the underworld, and Doc, who knows a thing or two about the televerse (the game's interpretation of the internet/matrix).


    The crux to the gameplay was the time limit. You were given 2 real-time hours to disarm the virus-bomb in your head. If you ran out of time, you died. Once you find the cure, you win the game.


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