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    Burn Zombie Burn!

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Mar 26, 2009

    A single joystick shooter featuring zombies by the developer Doublesix

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    This is an arcade styled video game that sits on the premise of killing wave after wave of a variety of zombies. You play as Bruce a dude with a huge chin, some funky hair and a sweet flame shirt. For each zombie that is killed the player will gain points, but to maximize the amount of points achieved when killing zombies they are to be set on fire. The more zombies that are on fire the larger the multiplier will be when a zombie is killed, but with this greater reward comes greater risk. Zombies that are not set on fire will drop power-ups such as health, TNT, speed boosts and TNT upgrades. Though when zombies are set on fire they will move quicker and will only drop speed boosts and TNT upgrades.

    Burning zombies!
    Burning zombies!

    As you progress through the waves of zombies gradually you will begin to encounter different types of zombies. This is also paired along with the fact that more zombies spawn in each wave. You will also occasionally encounter super zombies which are extremely large zombies that have some very entertaining attacks such as a flaming fart.

    As you kill zombies you will gain combos, mostly with weapons. If you achieve 3 of these combos this will allow you to press a large red button which triggers an event to help you kill the zombies. Each map has its one unique event that is specific to that level.

    Along with the single player there is also a co-op mode that is played split screen and can only be played locally. The second player plays as Bruce's brother Bruno who is the exact same character model expect he has a different shirt, blonde hair and a gnarly handle-bar mustache. There are several different game types available to play that include your basic Free Play, Survival, Daisy Defense and Timed. Each player will have 3 lives and if either player runs out of those 3 lives the game will be over. Though if you and your partner can make it to 1 million points you each will get another life and this continues for each 1 million points you reach.

    There are also two difficulties one can play on, which are normal and extreme. Essentially they are the same except for one big detail and that is if you are hit once by a zombie on extreme you die. Though on normal you are able to take several hits before you die. This adds a whole new level of difficulty to the game and requires much more careful style of play.


    The first available level to the player is the Woods and in order to gain access to the other levels the player must achieve a set score to achieve a bronze medal. Each of these maps get progressively harder because in the beginning the maps have flammable objects around the map to help set the zombies on fire, but in the later levels there are none. Also the beginning levels also provide lots of cover and blockades to slow the zombies, but as you progress that is virtually gone. The best example would be the 'Secret Lab' map. Also on each of these maps there is

    • Wood - Your typical dark scary woods setting (Red button: Makes it rain which slows the zombies)
    • Graveyard - Well this makes sense (Red button: "God Ray" aka. beam of light that kills zombies)
    • Suburbia - Set in a nice neighborhood with white picket fences (Red button: UFO comes and sucks of zombies)
    • Drive-In - A big screen with cars strewn about (Red button: Plays music which causes the zombies to dance
    • Military Base - Sand bags, jeeps and even a crashed helicopter (Red button: Calls in an air-strike that blows up zombies)
    • Secret Lab - Only four walls to help protect you (Red button: Lasers move across the room that kills zombies)


    • Pistol - This is the gun you will always have unless you pick up another weapon. It takes 3 shots to kill a zombie.
    • Shotgun - This gun is great for blasting multiple enemies at once.
    • Uzi - A rapid fire gun... yup.
    • Baseball Bat - Wind up and hit these zombies out of the map... Literally.
    • Brain Gun - suck up a zombies head and launch it towards a crowd. You will have zombies surrounding the brain in no time.
    • Chainsaw - This might get messy.
    • Cricket Bat - A step up from the baseball bat.
    • Dynamite - Who doesn't love seeing body parts flying everywhere?
    • Flamethrower - This allows you to set zombies on fire from a far.
    • Gatling Gun - Who ever said overkill was a bad thing?
    • Lawnmower - I don't... even...
    • Mine - This will explode when a zombie comes near.
    • Nitro - You get to detonate this bad boy all on your own.
    • Dance Gun - This makes all the zombies start dancing to a song... even thriller!
    • Torch - Primitive method of setting the zombies on fire and requires you to get up close and personal.


    You will encounter a variety of zombies, but some not appearing until the much later waves.

    Noxious Zombie!
    Noxious Zombie!

    Normal Zombie - Your everyday zombie that you will see from the start

    Exploding Zombie - Keep your distance from this guy because he will explode if he is shot or set on fire.

    Crazy Zombie - They immediately start chasing you once they spawn.

    Ballet Zombie - These guys prance around in a tutu and are pretty darn agile... Surprisingly.

    Rusher Zombie - These guys used to play football and run start at you with their heads down.

    Masked Zombie - These guys have a shield and some armor so try and get in behind them or just cut em' up.

    Noxious Zombie - He has a green cloud around him and is immune to the dance gun and fire.

    Infected Zombie - These guys have been infected by the noxious zombie.

    Mystery Zombie - ???

    Super Zombie - Big, ugly and has some serious gas. Take this guy out with a well placed TNT.


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