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Burning Paper is a puzzle game developed by Pixel and published by LOZC for the Game Boy platform.


In Burning Paper players take control of a guy who is standing on the top of a building. On the front of the building there are multiple signs or posters that hang on it. Bugs will crawl up the building and shoot projectiles at the player.

The goal is to burn pieces of the signs to make them fall down and eliminate the bugs. Players manipulate a crosshair on the screen which indicates where the laser will fire. Holding the A button causes the laser to fire. To get pieces of the signs to fall they must be "cut" out of it in a similar style to something like Qix.

If all parts of the signs are already removed and a bug comes up through that area the player will have no options to defeat them and will lose a life.

On top of the laser, the player can also jump or use various items using the B button. Every so often the player will encounter a boss character. There are only four total bosses in the game which require the player to use different tactics than the normal stages.

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