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    Burning Woods

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    Burning Woods is a forest on the western edge of Kunark.

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    The Burning Woods is a decaying forest set on the western edge of the continent. The entire region is quite dangerous due to the numerous wandering creatures, including giants, wasps, undead, gorillas, and sarnaks that will attack anyone on sight. The half dragon, half Iksar race known as the sarnak have a massive citadel in the northern part of the woods known as Chardok. Only those adventurers of the most advanced skill level should venture into the sarnak city. Near the center of the region is a massive crater where a smoldering sphere of mysterious origins still lies. When this sphere hit the forest many years ago, it set fire to much of the surrounding area. The smoke from the fire was so great that it darkened the entire continent for years. Other than Chardok and the crater, notable locations here include a massive hornets nest in the southeast corner of the region and a fort built by forest giants. The dangers are many, but the woods hold many secrets that lure quite a few adventurers to the region. North of the Burning Woods are the volcanic Skyfire Mountains, while to the south are the plains known as The Dreadlands. East of the Burning Woods are the Frontier Mountains.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Brood of Di`Zok
    • The HotWingz
    • The Kromdul
    • Minions of Scale
    • Ring of Scale
    • Sarnak Collective


    Notable NPCs

    • Atheling Plague
    • Azdalan
    • Entalon
    • Gorgul Packlok
    • Gullerback
    • Gylton
    • Ixiblat Fer
    • Korasal Klyseer
    • Naxot Deepwater
    • Nezekezena
    • Phurzikon
    • Sarnak Imitator
    • Slixin Klex
    • Telin Darkforest
    • Xyfl

    Notable Items

    • Axe of Iron Back
    • Belt of Fire
    • Circlet of Fire
    • Cloak of Flames
    • Embroidered Gloves
    • Forest Loop
    • Ketchata Koro Mis
    • Leg-Chopper
    • Lumberjack's Cap
    • Mantle of Fire
    • Runic Carver
    • Sarnak Earring of Station
    • Sarnak Emblazoned Tabard
    • Sarnak Knight's Sword
    • Sarnak Sacrificial Dagger
    • Scaled Wolf Hide Leggings
    • Straw Spun Belt
    • Tattered Mantle
    • Tree Weave

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