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Burnout 3 what a game

this game has everything in that you will like.the graphics are up to date this game features all the best cars in there categories, this game also features after touch this means when you crash you can move any direction you want to. this game also features online mode and multiplayer mode i recommend this game to any die hard racing fans this is the most fantastic superb and excellent game.

pros - gameplay, cars and music
cons- very repetitive, limited online features

so i justify the ratings i have given for this game. so i give this game 10, perfect.


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    What Can i Say? EA have once again done it with this amazing game in its Series from the other 2 games! The thing that makes this one special above the rest is the new features you can look forward to in this game! As always it features new circuits and plenty of cars to trash and make carnage of, even if it is playing against the computer or with your mates!With the new features and modes in this game include the main feature which you didnt use to do in the other two burnouts and also which is...

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    Burnout it the PERFECT game to play with your buddies or to play online. It starts out fun crashing into eachother but when you get that perfect takedown and the other car just goes flying it rules! You can play this game for hours on end all night long. It is amazing to play on your own but playing with friends is just ground braking. And even when you lose or get knocked down you dont get frustrated because it was just so damn cool watching it you cant be pissed.  Burnout 3: Takedown is one of...

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