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    Burnout Dominator

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Mar 06, 2007

    Burnout Dominator is a Burnout title with a strong emphasis on boost chaining. It is possible to boost nonstop so long as the player continues to drive recklessly while boosting.

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    Released on March 6, 2007, Burnout: Dominator was released in between Burnout Revenge and Burnout Paradise, and serves as a stopgap release that compiles some content and ideas from the previous Burnout games and compiles it into a new release. Developed by EA's UK branch, this is one of the very few installments that have been developed outside of Criterion Games, the series' originator.

    Players compete in a World Tour divided into seven series based on different car classes, Classic, Factory, Tuned, Hot Rod, Super, Race Specials, and Dominator. From here you can race in several different challenges such as the Classic Race, Road Rage, Eliminator, Maniac Mode (driving very dangerously at oncoming traffic, doing jumps and getting near misses, all for more points), Drift Challenge, Near Miss Challenge, and others.

    Locations in Burnout Dominator include Europe, the Far East, the USA as well as South America and Eastern Europe (both exclusive to the PSP version).

    Compared to its predecessor in the franchise, Burnout Revenge, Dominator has some significant differences. First of all, the ability to traffic check same way traffic isn't present, but burnouts (the ability to chain together the boost meter for non-stop turbo speed) are back in. Also, there is no crash mode.


    Burnout Dominator has about 36 cars (each Series from Classic, Factory, Tuner, Hotrod, Super, and Race has 5 cars each, the Dominator class has about 1 car from each Series) and most of the cars are based on real life vehicles. The game has the second highest amount of returning vehicles including the Custom Coupe Ultimate from Burnout 2, the Euro Circuit Racer from Burnout 3 and the Low Rider from Burnout Revenge.

    Classic Series

    • Drift Classic
    • Classic Muscle
    • American Classic
    • Euro Classic
    • Burnout Classic

    Factory Series

    • Factory Sports
    • Limited ST
    • J Coupe
    • Factory Muscle
    • American Drifter

    Tuner Series

    • Works M-Type (Burnout Dominator)
    • Tuned Sports (Burnout Dominator)
    • Custom Coupe Ultimate (Burnout Dominator)
    • Tuned Muscle (Burnout Dominator)
    • Tuned Drifter

    Hotrod Series

    • Blue Lightning
    • Street Dodger
    • Assassin
    • Custom Hot Rod
    • Street Rod

    Super Series

    • Royal X3
    • Works GT
    • American Super
    • Super Muscle
    • Euro Super

    Race Specials Series

    • Oval Racer (Burnout Dominator)
    • World Circuit Racer (Burnout Dominator)
    • Euro Circuit Racer (Burnout Dominator)
    • Euro Classic LM (Burnout Dominator)
    • US Circuit Racer (Burnout Dominator)

    Dominator Class

    • Low Rider (Burnout Dominator)
    • Factory GT (Burnout Dominator)
    • Super Coupe
    • Charger
    • Super Prototype (Burnout Dominator)
    • GT Racer


    Most common events in Dominator but all together there 11 events.

    • Race - Race around the track against rivals to the Finish Line.
    • Road Rage - Takedown as much of opponents as fast as possible under a limited amount of time.
    • Eliminator - The driver who in last place has 30 seconds to escape being last or else their eliminated from the race
    • Burning Lap - Single lap Time Trail
    • Maniac Mode - Perform dangerous stunts along a track to earn as many points.
    • Drift Challenge - Drift around corners to add points to your score.
    • Near Miss Challenge - Earn as many Near Misses by dodging traffic cars as possible before times runs out.
    • Burnout Challenge - Perform as many Burnouts Chain as possible before the times run out or passing the finish line.


    All race tracks in Burnout Dominator.

    • Tuscany (Europe) : Tuscan Hills & Tuscan View - Florence/Aria/Tuscany
    • Autobahn (Europe) : Autobahn & Autobahn Loop - Wuppertal/Berlin/Frankfurt
    • Bushido Mountain (Far East) : Bushido Peak & Bushido Valley - Osaka/Kyoto/Himeji
    • Spiritual City (Far East) : Spiritual Gate & Spiritual Towers - Kuala Lumpur
    • Ocean Drive (USA) : Ocean Drive - Carmel/ Monterey/Big Sur
    • Steel Town (USA) : Steel Town Works - Pittsburgh
    • Glacier Falls (USA) : Glacier Falls - Rocky Mountain National Park/Boulder, Colorado
    • Black Gold (USA) : Black Gold Highway - Houston


    With it's built in wifi capabilities, this allowed EA to put out two downloadable tracks exclusive to the PSP version of the game. However the servers have been closed and it is therefore no longer possible to download these tracks.

    • Carnival City (South America) : Carnival Point - Rio de Janeiro
    • Red Gate (Eastern EU) : Red Gate - Moscow, Russia

    EA Trax

    There 33 licensed songs, including a theme song from Burnout 2: Point of Impact in the opening menu.

    "Nine"¡Forward, Russia!Give Me a Wall
    "Would"Alice in ChainsDirt
    "It Doesn't Seem to Matter"Army of AnyoneArmy of Anyone
    "Going Through Changes"Army of MeCitizen
    "Girlfriend"Avril LavigneThe Best Damn Thing
    "The Archers Bows Have Broken"Brand NewThe Devil and God are Raging Against Me
    "Fight Music for the Fight"Bromheads JacketDits from the Commuter Delt
    "Long Way Out"Dead IdentitiesMusic from the Waiting Room
    "S.O.S."Earl GreyhoundSoft Targets
    "Hey Man, Nice Shot (Big Mac Mix)"FilterShort Bus
    "Give Up?"Hot Hot HeatHappiness Ltd.
    "Stop!"Jane's AddictionRitual de lo Habitual
    "My Curse"Killswitch EngageAs Daylight Dies
    "Us v. Them"LCD SoundsystemSound of Silver
    "Haircuts and T-Shirts"LifetimeLifetome
    "Beautiful Ruin"Make Good Your EscapeThe Beautiful Ruin EP
    "Block Out the World"MaxeenHello Echo (Tour Edition)
    "Rock Star (Jason Nevins Remix)"N.E.R.D.In Search Of..
    "Calling all Cars"Senses FailStill Searching
    "Burning the Lives"Shadows FallThreads of Lift
    "Le Disko"Shiny Toy GunsWe Are Pilots
    "It Goes Off"SkybombersThe Sirens EP
    "Dead Living"SugercultLights Out
    "Through These Eyes"The ConfessionRequiem
    "Chelsea Dagger"The FratellisCostello Music
    "One Step Ahead"The HaveThe Have EP
    "Red Orange Yellow"The Photo AtlasNo, Not Me, Never
    "Glitter Hits (J.J. Puig Mix)"The StylesYou Love The Styles
    "Freya"The SwordAge of Winters
    "Anthem (We are the Fire)"TriviumThe Crusade
    "Lost Angeles"Wired All WroungBreak out the Battle Tapes

    PS Vita Compatibility

    Despite not being in the official compatibility list, Burnout Dominator can be played on the PS Vita. To do this, the user must first download the game to the PS3. From there, go to Content Transfer on the PS Vita and select the game for transfer. Once complete, the game will show up on the Vita's menu.


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