Let's play on PS4!

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#1 Edited by HiImMikeCruz (270 posts) -

With the remastered version officially out I need some new friends to help complete all the challenges. My psn name is below.

PSN: DreamsTornApart

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For Xbox: go here.

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#2 Posted by mercutio123 (568 posts) -


PSN: mercutio123

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#3 Posted by sh3vlin (22 posts) -

Picking this up today!

PSN: PixelAssault

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#4 Posted by Refactored (149 posts) -

Downloading at the moment!


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#5 Posted by JJWeatherman (15096 posts) -

Hell yeah.

PSN is same as here: JJWeatherman

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#6 Posted by MightyDuck (2004 posts) -

Count me in!

Psn: getwhatyagive

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#7 Posted by punisherkaos (376 posts) -

Will be picking this up after work today

PSN thanatos1324

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#8 Posted by VincentVendetta (521 posts) -

I'll pick my copy in a few hours.

PSN: VincentVendetta

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#9 Edited by MSX2 (62 posts) -

I’m so there!

PSN: Kuutamo

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#10 Posted by Marcsman (3823 posts) -

Without the mugshots it just won't be the same. Sorry

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#11 Posted by ferratus (17 posts) -

Was actually looking around to see if there's a any significant difference between the PS4 and XB1 version, but since I haven't seen anything so far, I'm starting the download on PS4 when I get home. Very much looking forward to playing this again!

PSN: ferratus

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#12 Posted by andythemeZ (396 posts) -

I need to do some of the online stuff to platinum PS3 anybody still have it?

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#13 Posted by ChrisOVC (176 posts) -

PSN: GalaxyCop

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#15 Posted by xanadu (2033 posts) -

Psn: siphix

Come add me bros!

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#16 Posted by luckychris (27 posts) -


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#17 Edited by Jaalmo (1744 posts) -

I'll be buying the game tomorrow. Feel free to add me.

PSN: Jaalmo

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#18 Posted by cogbert (33 posts) -

Psn dllscowboysfan

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#19 Posted by Azteris (833 posts) -

PSN - Azteris

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#20 Posted by stinger061 (467 posts) -

I’ve used match making a couple of times today only for the host to leave halfway through challenges which sucks. This should be better

PSN- Cougar13

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#21 Edited by vg132 (29 posts) -

@andythemez: I still need one online throphy for the platinum and would be up for doing some burnout on PS3. I need invite a friend to play. I'm vg132 on PSN.


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#22 Posted by DanishingAct (408 posts) -

Psn: DanishingAct

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#23 Posted by cheesedgrate (9 posts) -

Feel free to add me!

Psn: selim_5000

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#24 Edited by Masha2932 (1337 posts) -

Hi guys,

Happy to join in the fun

Psn: masha2932

If you could write 'burnout' on the PSN message that would be nice, I use LFG sites for other games and I'd like to be able to sort people out.

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#25 Posted by emtee (160 posts) -

PSN - emtee

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#26 Posted by Chamurai (22 posts) -

My PSN is Chamurai_84

Live in Japan so timezones.

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#27 Posted by cloudz64 (1 posts) -

I'm down to freeburn until I'm dead in the ground.

PSN: Cloudz64

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#28 Posted by Dave_Tacitus (2438 posts) -

I'm down with that. Living in Europesburg.

PSN - greenspagbol

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#29 Posted by Hokogan (9 posts) -

I’m in the US.


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#30 Posted by mfpantst (2659 posts) -

Either me or my kid, or both are playing. One handle: mfpantst

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#31 Posted by stankit (118 posts) -

In the US, PSN: stankit

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#32 Posted by acertaindeath (42 posts) -

Also in the US, I'll probably be playing till the new God of War comes out.

PSN: highfidelitywolf

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#33 Posted by Jamie5590 (11 posts) -

I'm in the UK

PSN: Jamie5590

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#34 Edited by MikeydCT (752 posts) -

In the USA (EST) PSN: Mikeydct

Every online room I have been in does nothing

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#35 Posted by EdgeKasey (290 posts) -


PSN: EdgeKasey

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#36 Posted by kidman (565 posts) -


psn: kidman364

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#37 Posted by tannerwams (4 posts) -

In the US

PSN: tannerwams93

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#38 Posted by Gafgarion (44 posts) -

Downloading it as we speak, so having some buds would be just a grand time.

PSN: SirGaffy

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#39 Posted by Ohnoshinobi (22 posts) -


USA, Pacific, psn: amwhit

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#40 Posted by brodywb (210 posts) -

Amazon finally delivered my copy yesterday, so I am in.

PSN - brodywb

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#41 Posted by KavaJava (48 posts) -

USA East.

PSN Befueddled

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#42 Posted by andythemeZ (396 posts) -

Took like 18 hours to get every tophy every smash, but the baseball 8 player one is the only thing stopping me from platinum. So hard to get with randoms, every server I join kicks me or is players going off doing their own thing no events no challenges. It's the weekend, so anytime tonight or tomorrow between noon and midnight eastern we can organize an 8 player Meetup at the wildcat please let's do!

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#43 Posted by RickoNLEUWY (2 posts) -


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#44 Edited by afancydinner (8 posts) -

DJ Atomika Defense Force

PSN: dinnerdad

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#45 Posted by simonkeane (16 posts) -

Sounds good- UK folks add me!

PSN: TroubledWater

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#46 Edited by endoworks (356 posts) -

I’m in.


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#47 Posted by sleeperman (24 posts) -

PSN: Anti-Formalist

Catching up on the hype.

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#48 Posted by Goliverse (1 posts) -

PSN: Goliverse

Up for helping.

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#49 Posted by BeardDuder (180 posts) -

Yea yea yea! I am down to clown!

PSN: Chancely_S

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#50 Posted by beard_of_zeus (1818 posts) -

I just picked this up on the cheap at Best Buy yesterday, so I’m down for challenges as well. I’m on the East Coast, USA, FYI.

PSN: beard_of_zeus

Feel free to add me.

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