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I have this game, I bought it as the retail version, it is now available on Steam. If a friend buys the Steam version will we be able to meet online?  
If not, is there still enough activity online to make it worth buying a retail version of this game? 
I never tried the online version previously, so would want to now particularly if I can play it online with me friend.
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Ok. 14 people read this so far, and not got a single reply.


I guess what I'm really asking is does it matter what platform your friends buy this on if you want to meet them online? If people on Steam can only use Steam server than I might have to buy the game again, or my friend would have to pay more for a DVD version, and if I buy it again will I be able to transfer my game saves?

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You are connecting to EA severs for multiplayer, you should be fine.

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nice one thanks. I might add all my EA games onto my Steam account in that case.

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