Burnout Paradise

    Game » consists of 26 releases. Released Jan 22, 2008

    Burnout Paradise turns the Burnout series on its head by moving from closed set tracks to an open world full of events to experience both alone and in a group online.

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    Welcome to Paradise City 5

    Paradise City is filled with things to do.Burnout Paradise takes a huge leap in innovation from the previous Burnout titles. As a gamer who isn't incredibly interested in racing games (besides the occasional Mario Kart), I was naturally skeptical about Burnout Paradise. But, after seeing it for $20 as a Platinum Hits title at GameStop, I decided to buy it. I do not regret that decision.Burnout Paradise is a unique racing game. After selecting a car and fixing it up, you are free to go wherever y...

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    All the violence of car wrecks with none of the people 0

        The Burnout series is the only set of racing games that I've ever really been able to stomach, and that is for a few reasons.  One being the fact that the game is as much (if not more) about wrecking stuff and causing destruction as it is about racing, and the other main reason is that it doesn't do that crap about making it feel more like the "real world" by making you manage money and repair and buy your own cars.  This game not only doesn't punish you for bustin' up your own set of wheels...

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    A little over-priced, but still great fun. 0

    The brand new island just off the Eastern coast of the old map is finally here. An early surprise is that it's only £9.99 on the PSN ($12.99 or 1000 MS Points), I was expecting at least £15. I mean look at how much they've been charging for some of the DLC cars!Thankfully the new island is fully integrated into the existing Burnout map with no loading screens, which is an impressive feat given the already considerable size. The island itself is about the size of the Downtown area, but has a mix ...

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    Take me down to a Paradise City 0

    Burnout Paradise is probably agreed by most people, that it is the most different Burnout to the rest of the series; reasons for this are: You can now free-roam around the city and get to know it well, its the biggest city in a Burnout game to date, and for races your probably best for either following the other cars, or just checking the map.It can be worse in some terms, since winning a race, and just at the last second taking the wrong turning is rather frustrating, but hopefully you wont do ...

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    Take me down to the Paradise City 0

    There exist racing games that like to give you fancy cars to purchase, like BMW's and Ferrari's. There exist racing games that have car shops, where you can pay for car tune-ups and part changes. There exist racing games that involve you racing around a simple oval race track. Burnout Paradise is a racing game that does none of those things. Burnout Paradise is a racing game about racing- plain and simple. That means high speed thrills, crazy courses, and lots and lots of crashing.That's what th...

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    A great island 'vacation' 0

    Did you like Burnout Paradise for the crazy jumps, billboard smashing and rad as hell crashes?  If the answer to any of those is yes, than Big Surf Island is made for you.  Billed as a 'vacation', it's essentially more gates to smash, more billboards to throw your self at, roads to rule, cars to unlock, and most spectacularly, the most ludicrous jumps in the game.  If jumping onto a jump to jump part of bridge sounds exciting to you, then you'll love it.  For $12.99, its essentially 5 or more ho...

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    Far from burning out. 0

    Since Grand Theft Auto 3 made its grand entrance on the Playstation 2 in 2001, its free-roaming style of gameplay has been pasted into countless games, with varying success. What is becoming more and more obvious is that the inclusion of a sandbox is utterly pointless if there is nothing there to play with. With Burnout Paradise, Criterion is testing the Burnout wheels on the open-world tarmac. Do they handle it well, or simply spin out of control?Initially, the open city can feel overwhelming, ...

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    Best in the Series 0

        When first playing Burnout Paradise it may seem like the developer, Criterion Games, decided to abandon the old Burnout formula and attempt to take the series into uncharted waters by giving the player an entire city to race, and more likely crash, through. Then after the first few hours it becomes clear that that change was probably for the better. Paradise City will be fairly difficult to navigate at first, but as soon as you learn where the finish lines are located and the fastest routes ...

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    Completely Disappointing 3

    Let's start with the obvious things - Burnout Paradise is no where near as good as the series was before. The game is a lot of fun to play when you're doing events, but the problem is getting to those events, and more importantly failing an event, is really annoying. here's what I really didn't like about the game, which was most of it: 1. No retry, restart or try again - What good is a racing game if you can't restart the race or try it again if you don't get 1st place. Nothing is worse then c...

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    BurnOut Paradise is great at first, but soon, it gets repetitive. 2

    Back in January 22, 2008, EA and Criterion Games released BurnOut: Paradise for the consoles. It turned out to actually be a great sucsess for the series. Then, one year, EA and Criterion released BurnOut Paradise: The Ultimate Box for PC, marking this as the first BurnOut game to make it on the PC. It had everything the 360 and PS3 versions had. Except, you didn't have to download the motorcycles.Pros and Cons:+ Open world to drive in.+ Great amount of Cars.+ Multiplayer Modes.+ Road Rules feat...

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    A departure for the series that works like a charm 0

    To be honest, after trying the demo, I was a little worried about how the game would turn out. Luckily, those bad feelings were quickly chased away as I motored around Paradise in it's entirety, having a blast doing nothing, just as an open world game should be. But then I got into the challenges, and a new obsession began, Marked man. The run from point A to point B is really exhilarating, and can leave you praying as you turn down the home stretch, hoping one of those black cars doesn't sudden...

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    It's a little to nichey to be 5 stars. 0

    Burnout Paradise is an insanely crazy driving game, It's also structured like a grinding MMO. You spend your time completing one event at a time of the three types being stunt run, road rage, race, and marked man. The game however merely rewards you with new cars that control nearly the same as the others it just changes some of the luck and speed. This makes the single player game feel monotonous. The Online play is okay but the original way they wanted people to play it rarely comes forth, the...

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    A huge risk, but one that's paid off big time. 0

    Welcome to Paradise City, a place that packs more punch than a heavy-weight boxer, more pizzazz than a back-street burlesque, and err, more yellow than The Simpsons.Burnout Paradise is essentially an open sprawling world chock-full of Burnout goodness, and a huge world at that. In fact it can take up to ten minutes just to drive from one side of the map to the other, which is pretty impressive when you consider the speed some of the cars can reach. What's also mightily impressive is the fact tha...

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    Burnoult Paradise : a true paradise 0

    Since it was first released Burnout has been an arcade racer. A crazy arcade racer, full with adrenalin, crashes and fast paced action. You see, there are two types of racer, the arcade race like Burnout, Forza and Grand Turismo. And there is the free - roaming racers, like Need for Speed and Midnight Club. Both stay in their own territory, and both remained popular. But now Burnout has made the jump to free roaming(and Need for Speed has made the jump to Arcade racing, funny eh). And, my god i...

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    Paradise City 0

    sees what are arguably the biggest changes in the franchise's history, with nearly every single aspect of the game having seen some sort of shift in design. Some of it works really well, and some of it not so well, but what we wind up with still remains an intense, blazingly fast and perfectly controlling racer, one that you shouldn't miss.The biggest change introduced in Burnout Paradise is the move to an open world, the streets of Paradise City (cue Guns 'N' Roses title track). The entire city...

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    Crash Porn 0

    Burnout Paradise is the latest in the series from developer Criterion Games which specializes in celebrating grotesquely over the top automobile collisions. I'm not exaggerating when I say that the visceral crashes in Burnout Paradise border on fetishism, but in the context of the game it's well executed and actually fun. There's something almost erotic about driving down a crowded street at a blindingly fast speed, zigging when you should have zagged, and clipping the rear bumper of a car cross...

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    Racing Game FAILED!!! 0

    OK. To make this short, the game isn't the best game in the world and it dosen't even hit the average game mark. The Burnout series have always been a big deal and this falls miserably. To explain the story, there's nothing to it other than becoming the best driver around. This game takes place in Paradise City, a large open world that looks pretty decent but it's sad that there isn't any day and night cycle to add a little more variety. What the game needed the most was more choices in events t...

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    A Well Made Burnout Game 0

    Transitioning to an open world gameplay type Burnout Game was a risky choice but I personally think it was executed very well. The only gripe I have with this game is the fact that if fail a mission, you have to rive all the way back to the starting point to try again. Other than that, this is a great game. Great graphics partnered with the great crashes and modes we expect from the Burnout series wrap up into a well-polished game. 4.5 out of 5...

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    The art of setting clear objectives and overacheiving. 0

    I loved Burnout Paradise. Every gate crash, superjump, stunt run and race was an amazing time. I was finishing this game when the Dualshock 3 was released and made the experience all the better.BP doesn't do everything you'd think a driving game (or even a Burnout game) should, but what it does, it does very well. Blistering sense of speed, cringe-inducing crashes, interesting locale.If I had to bitch about it, here are my top gripes:- cars aren't different enough.- can't turn off the slowmotion...

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    A departure from the previous Burnout that pays off in the end 0

    Burnout Paradise is completely different from its predecessor, Burnout Revenge. At least, that's what it feels like when you first start playing. You need to stick with it for a while before all the pieces start falling into place. So let's talk about what's different. Burnout Revenge was an arcade racer that simply had you completing event after event, be they Road Rages, where you take out as many target cars as you can, or crashbreaker races, a race where you blow yourself up in the case of a...

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    Burnout Paradise is the 3Fs to a Tee 0

    I originally owned Burnout Paradise for the 360, when I still had one. After the Box and I parted ways, I knew there were going to be couple games I was going to have to repurchase for the Playstation 3. One of them was Burnout.At 20 bones, it is a complete steal, plus it is available on PSN, so you don't even have to leave the safety of whichever divorced parents basement you are currently residing in. (Although, you might save time running to the store, as the download and installation can tak...

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    Dont say a thing, its BURNOUT 0

    What can i say about the Burnout Paradise, well its an open world crash ride from start to finish. You start of as a rookie who needs to prove himself in the burnout world, after a few wins you get upgraded to a new license and the world is your oyster.This huge city offers everything you would expect in a racing game, miles of beautiful scenary and of course competition. Nearly every junction offers an event which is unbelievable, at the fun part is there are no barriers to stop you. For exampl...

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    Not the burnout i remember, but good though... 1

    Although its still called burnout it's completely different to the previous games.It's still about cars and driving insanely fast but it's not as fast pasted as burnout 3 and the others were.If you're a new comer to the franchise you should just plain like it but if you are looking for the burnout you love and remember, prepare to be surprised. If it's a good or bad surprise it depends what you're looking for. If you want a sandbox style racer, look no further, but if you want the old burnout si...

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    Burnout Paradise Xbox 360 Review 0

    Burnout Paradise, the latest iteration in the Burnout series lets players race, crash and generally cause road rage in the fictional streets of Paradise City, but is it any good?Burnout Paradise has a very simple structure for progress. Race, Win, Progress. This might seem like the game is very boring, it is however quite a fun, thrilling game, that when given the added benefit of Online multiplayer makes for a very fun game indeed.The way Burnout Paradise stops the user from getting bored quick...

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    Better than fading away 0

    When I was little, my cousin and I would play the Rush games a ton on the N64. We didn’t play it for the racing as much as we played it for the stunt course. When we got sick of that, we would play the races with the sole purpose of ramming all of the other drivers off the road. I can vividly remember pushing a car into a palm tree and thinking, “Why the hell isn’t there a racing game that encourages all of this?” A few years later, I rented Burnout 2 for my Gamecube and my deep love for the Bu...

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    An enjoyable & unique arcade driving experience. 0

    Being new to the Burnout franchise I went into this latest iteration of the series oblivious as to what to really expect from the title. While an arcade racer in nature, a run of the mill driving experience ala PGR, Forza, Sega Rally or NFS it certainly isn't. A welcome change for a machine not exactly dry on racing titles. The big selling point of this title compared to it's predecessors is its new open world aspect, the same you would find in say a GTA or Driver game.You start driving around t...

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    a great game but could be better i would tell everone 2 buy this 2

    alright great game i mean great cars great free roam excellent muiltplayer online is very strong and the challange's are great to do with a bunch of friends i think this is the best burnout game out buy this game u won't be sad about this game it has everthing and burnout fan wants in a burnout game the best in the series i know i said bad things about EA but this is the best series they ever had BUt let's look at some things that r bad about the game u can't mod ur car and when ur first playing...

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    A Burnout Revolution 0

    Since Criterion added the Takedown in Burnout 3 and made racing cars at ridiculous speeds through crowded streets not just intense, but refreshingly aggressive, the series has played it fairly safe with the basic formula, only adding a few new tweaks in Burnout Revenge. But with Burnout Paradise, they've changed everything, setting the game in an open world. And it works beautifully. It's a big change, and at first, it feels disconcerting. Instead of racing through confined, navigable courses, m...

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    Thank you Criterion for releasing an awesomely optimized port 0

     With every other developer and publisher giving PC gaming a secondary preference.. prominent examples like GTA 4 and Saints Row 2. Although I haven't played SR2 but from GS's review itself it seems like a bad port. Thank you Criterion for honoring PCs with what they can do when compared with their console counterparts. This is the same great burnout experience that consoles have enjoyed all these years. Graphics: The game looks absolutely stunning, the crash effects and the environment are al...

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    Great Arcade Style Racing 0

    I tried the demo for this game months ago when it first released and thought it was so much fun. I thought about buying the game, but did not because I haven't been into a racing game since like GT3. In the back of my mind though I've sorta been wanting to get the game ever since, which is an impressive feat. Every time some update came out I'd hear about it in my podcasts and over ant Kotaku or here on GB. Finally now it's on PSN and for $30 so I broke down and bought it. WOW. I spent all weeke...

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    A Great Game For Any Gamer! 0

    If you have played the demo for Burnout Paradise then you pretty much played the retail game. The demo was just a small portion of what is offered in the full game. It has bunch of events, that are quite entertaining to complete. The city is extremely large and quite scenic to drive around in. The AI for the other cars is quite a bit better as well. They actually put up a fair bit of fight compared to the other AI in the rest of the Burnout series. Controls: The controls feel just like any oth...

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    Not the burnout I remember 2

    Back in the day when Burnout existed on PS2, it was one of the best games out there. Crashes seemed fairly decent, and the races were generally fun. Burnout Paradise tries to mix up that formula and does so somewhat successfully. First of all it is an Open-World burnout game, which the gaming market is generally moving up to anyways, but it added a few new interesting concepts. At the beginning I enjoyed Paradise, the races were fun and the no retry demo wasn't bad, it was okay. After a while I ...

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    Glorious Crashing 0

    As the latest entry in the Burnout proves, wrecking your car can prove to both incredibly cool, but also somewhat annoying if you get taken down 100 yds from the finish line and your wreck doesn't manage to slide over the finish.  But this point aside Burnout Paradise is fun game.  The game world looks beautiful even when the environments are flying by at 200mph.  The wide variety of cars allows for every player to find a ride that fits their driving style.  I myself prefer aggression cars even ...

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    Worth Your While 0

    The racing game genre in recent years has split between varieties of themes. Most racing games can be categorized under street, simulation, or arcade racing. The Burnout series squeezes a little bit from each of those categories and makes the thesis of the game quite clear: wreck havoc. Burnout Paradise takes a turn into new territory this time around, giving the opportunity to freely cruise throughout an open-ended city. The city's name is pretty obvious given the title of the game, but many ro...

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    Burnout Paradise Review 0

    Alright, trying my hand at something new here: game reviews. I think it would be fun to eventually do these as a video review/show thing, but for now this will be good. Now onto the actual game. Burnout Paradise is the fifth game in the Burnout series and it introduces a new, open world that has previously been used by EA in their Need for Speed games. It is also the first game in the series to be developed specifically for this generation of consoles. Along with the generation jump comes the ty...

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    Burnout: Paradise, but where did all the Burnout go? 2

    Let me preface this first by saying that I like my structure in racing games. I don’t get a kick out of sand-box style driving because it’s stressful and time-consuming. I like to have that linear feel that allows me to more or less memorize the tracks. I can name a long list of titles that I enjoy, that restrict you in what you can actually do. Paradise really sums up the reasons for loving that open world freedom, and also for hating it. It sets up all events at each of the intersections. It w...

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    A (high-speed) change of direction 0

    Burnout Paradise is Criterion's 5th Burnout game, and the first built from the ground up for this console generation. It's apparent from the first moment you get behind the wheel, not just from the bump up in graphics, but  also the complete lack of loading screens.It's a major change, which requires an adjustment in how you attack the game. The game's much less arcade-like now, taking the fashionable sandbox approach instead. Events appear on your HUD and world map once you discover them at ind...

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    Burnout Paradise Review 0

    In Burnout Paradise you're a lone driver whose goal is to become the best in Paradise City and to use every twist and turn to take you one step closer to reaching the finish line. In this newest installment of Burnout things take a whole new turn as you get to unlock events and a whole variety of different vehicles. Burnout has continued to live up to its name with full-fledged crashes that will leave you on the edge of your seat. In this sequel you begin with a driver license that you must leve...

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    Paradise Burn 0

    Barreling down the Interstate as what seem speeds not meant for humans, you put pressure down on the brakes as you drift towards the next exit narrowly escaping impact with the concrete wall. The angry punk behind you isn’t as lucky as he explodes on contact with oncoming traffic. You scrape against the left guard rail of the ramp leading downtown. Flying through red lights with no regret and a little prayer for each one, you spot the broken bridge ahead. You got off one exit too soon. There’s n...

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    Showtime cant replace Crash mode, but still .... 0

    So Burnout Paradise, the newest edition into the series for the Xbox 360 / PS3 and soon to be windows platforms. Ok to jump right into the review if your reading this you've proberly played any of the 5 or 6 games that are in the series which means your wondering, exactly how does this stack up to the rest...? Well if you are you'll be glad to know that Burnout paradise is by far the best game in the series, bar only a few quarks here and there. As soon as you pop the game in you'll be greeted...

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    My Fav Game Ever Burnout Team Rocks 0

    This game deserves all the plaudits it gets. A Fantastic open world game with the ability to go anyware in the map from the start. The cars are unlocked as you progress and you have muitible diffrent evernt types.   With the additional content that criterion released over the last 18 months this game has really has legs.    I'd give this game a 5 star a brilliant racer that never gets old...

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    Burnout Paradise Is a Fantastic Game that Dose Not Disapoint 0

    Burnout is an arcade racing game. I just wanted to get that out of the way to people that like really realistic racing Grand Turismo type games. If you like really realistic racing sims and nothing else you will not like this. Now that that’s out of the way I would like to say that Burnout Paradise is probably my favorite racing game. I love arcade racers and this game doesn’t disappoint. In Burnout you race at ridiculously fast speeds and commit the most brutal crashes in a video game         ...

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    The Quintessential Racing Game 0

     Burnout 3: Takedown was without a doubt the previous peak of the Burnout series. Burnout Paradise blows it out of the water. Completely abandoning the setup of the previous game's races, Paradise features a totally open world in which you simply pull up to intersections to begin races. The game's core mechanics remain, and the arcadey feel of the driving is fully intact. Though the main complaint lodged against the game is the lack of a restart option, this ends up not being a problem, since as...

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    Paradise Found 0

    I have never been much of a racing game fan I usually find them repetative and quickly get bored. I therefore thought that Forza would do me for this generation but so much positive talk of Burnout Paradise pursuaded me to pick it up.When you first put in Burnout Paradise you see all of its bad points and I mean every one. Your put in the middle of a big world with very little explained to you. DJ Automica the over the top radio host will explain everything to you but only after you have discove...

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