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Showtime cant replace Crash mode, but still ....

So Burnout Paradise, the newest edition into the series for the Xbox 360 / PS3 and soon to be windows platforms.

Ok to jump right into the review if your reading this you've proberly played any of the 5 or 6 games that are in the series which means your wondering, exactly how does this stack up to the rest...?

Well if you are you'll be glad to know that Burnout paradise is by far the best game in the series, bar only a few quarks here and there.
As soon as you pop the game in you'll be greeted by the great looking start Menu that is playing... of course Paradise City ( the Guns and Roses song ), However this is where the great Soundtrack ends as through out the game the differed music is pretty much terrible for the most part.

As well as the sound track or even before that when you get in game you'll notice an array of different colour and spectacular visuals that is proberly the best around in any given racing games, also for the most part the Frame rate does stay at a steady 60 FPS with little to no drops even when adventuring online or racing with high speed boosts.

Now after you've gotten past seeing how great the game looks, you'll want to see how great the game plays!!
For the most part it's great you can cruise all around paradise city and any speed you like, take any route you like, but this brings up the first and proberly the main Issue the game has and thats the fact that if you have played any previous Burnout Games you WILL find the open world environment the game has extremely overwhelming, this is mainly due to the fact you'll be cruising down a road full speed with boosts on ( trying to win a race ) when all of a sudden '' CRAP !! which way do i turn !! '' so you try too look at your Mini-Radar.. '' Ok so i turn left '' ( You look up ) ''Damn i crashed ! ''.

I myself and friends of mine had this happen to us several times because when your racing you have to do 4 things:

1. Try to win the race

2. Try to avoid oncoming traffic

3. Look which way to go

4. Trying to find the quickest possible route

Now doing these four things is pretty customary after a while and it becomes like second nature EVENTUALLY but as soon as you pick up and play Burnout Paradise doing 4 things in the space of around 3 seconds is alot harder.

Within Burnout Paradise there isnt just racing but altogether 5 different even types these evemt types are:

Race: Races consist of the player and at least 1 other car. The player is given a location to race to. The player can take any route through the city to the location with the aid of a flashing road names at the top of the screen when the player is advised to turn. First one to arrive wins. This is currently the only available mode online. Online races can also include checkpoints that need to be crossed before reaching the finish.

Road Rage: The player is given a target number of takedowns and a time limit. A Road Rage event is won by meeting or exceeding this target in the given time limit.

Marked Man: In this event, the player is given a destination. At least 1 opponent is trying to stop the player from reaching the destination by scoring takedowns against them. The player must survive from start to finish in order to win (the player can be part of collisions, but loses the event if he totals the car).

Stunt Run: Players are given a target score. They must earn points towards that score by using boosts, jumps, drifts and other such stunt moves.

Burning Route: Each Burning Route requires the player to use a specific car. Once the player is driving the required car, they race against the clock to a specified location. When a Burning Route is won the player wins an upgraded version of the vehicle they completed it with. The upgraded vehicle can boast extra boost power, more base speed or a stronger body (but usually in exchange for another category). This is the only kind of event that doesn't reset when the player earns a new license because it's tied to the car used to run it rather than the license level the player is presently at.

Now reading this you may possibly be thinking that '' Road rage must be kinda like crash mode, from Burnout Revenge right? '' ...
Well no it isn't, infact there is no crash mode in Burnout Paradise what so ever instead a mode called '' SHOWTIME '' has been added in it's place..

Unlike in previous Burnout games, Crash Mode, now called Showtime, can now be started at any time and place in the game; though Showtime mode is rather different from the usual Crash Mode.

Basically after completing a certain amount of the game ( only like 5 % or so ) the always annoying DJ atomica basically shows you how to activate and do '' showtime mode '' and this is started by driving and crashing into a AI car and just before impact pressing and holding the trigger buttons to activate it, after activation your car starts rolling out of control into other veichles ( this gets you a type of points ).
Now to move you simple press A on your controller and the direction in which you want to move, however as soon as your boosts runs out the showtime stops and you return to normal play, the only way to continue showtime is by hitting other cars to regain boosts, that or hitting Busses which add a multipliyer to your score.

As well as singleplayer Burnout Paradise came shipped with Online capability which is very simple to use if you have XBOX LIVE available to you.
Pretty much anytime you like during singleplayer by just pressing one of the directional buttons on your 360 controller and selecting free burn online, the good thing about Burnout Online is that its so quick and simple to use as you choose a free burn session and BOOM... it's loaded.

Also all this is does is bring other players icons onto your radar which is great as there is no loading time and it's as if they have joined in on your single player session rather than the other way around.

Another feature implemented into Burnout Paradise is the new '' MUGSHOT '' option which is pretty funny to you as if you or your opponent has a Xbox vision camera you can see their frustration picture the moment you take them down or beat them in a race.
When a player is taken down, they will have their photo taken, called a mugshot, and shown to the aggressor. These photos can then be saved to your hard drive.

Just being able to Free-Roam and race isnt all burnout online as to offer either as there are around 300 unique challenges that you can do with friends of strangers online to unlock certain things.

Overall Burnout Paradise is an outstanding game that newcomers and Fans to the series will find overwhelming at first, but if enough time is put into it, will throughly enjoy and spend many hours playing as its not only a treat for the eyes ( amazingly great visuals ), but for everything ( apart from the sound track XD ).

The Good:

Outstanding visuals
Online is pretty easy to get into to
Alot of modes to try out
Dozens of cars to unlock

The Bad:

Pretty steep learning Curve as first

The Ugly:

Poor soundtrack over all

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