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Thank you Criterion for releasing an awesomely optimized port

 With every other developer and publisher giving PC gaming a secondary preference.. prominent examples like GTA 4 and Saints Row 2. Although I haven't played SR2 but from GS's review itself it seems like a bad port. Thank you Criterion for honoring PCs with what they can do when compared with their console counterparts. This is the same great burnout experience that consoles have enjoyed all these years.

Graphics: The game looks absolutely stunning, the crash effects and the environment are all beautifully modeled. I got it all maxed out at 1440x900 (that's the max my monitor can support) with SSAO option enabled on my HD4850. Disabling the option doesn't seem to make a big difference and that's what you should do if your frame rate stutters. (9/10)

Gameplay - These days open world game play rather became a buzz word in gaming. Its just that every game seems to announce that they have got it and they make two routes to go to a checkpoint. But burnout truly has an incredibly packed open world with its crazy style and crashes. You have to travel around the city if you want to race and its incredible fun to smash billboards and doing super jumps when not in race. (10/10)

Sound: The sound effects in game are very good ans truly immerses you into burnout world. And it has got an awesome sound track up on its sleeve. Starting with the title song Paradise City form Guns N'Roses, almost all the songs are great. (10/10)

I am very happy with this game. I haven't yet finished it, its not your average NFS game thatcan be completed in some 5-6 hours. This game is incredible and has got huge replayability. Get this game if you want a good racing experience.

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