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Not the burnout i remember, but good though...

Although its still called burnout it's completely different to the previous games.
It's still about cars and driving insanely fast but it's not as fast pasted as burnout 3 and the others were.

If you're a new comer to the franchise you should just plain like it but if you are looking for the burnout you love and remember, prepare to be surprised. If it's a good or bad surprise it depends what you're looking for. If you want a sandbox style racer, look no further, but if you want the old burnout signature racing style you'll be appalled at what direction the developers have sent the game franchise. It's not as fast pasted as the last ones the races are more like who can find the quickest route first if you take a wrong turn it's all over you've lost. In the old games if you crashed because you couldn't make wrong turns back then you could easily catch back up, but that's changed here you'll have to stop wait for the auto quit and start again. The other race modes are inventive like marked man is were you are being chased by insanely stupid blood thirsty cars, road rage returns this mode has no track you just drive aimlessly in what ever direction you want because there is no route but you do have to take down other racers, stunt run is were you have to send you car up ramps round corners and through billboards to get you're score, Burning route where you have to be driving a certain car and get to a certain place in a certain time as you can tell this can be certainly annoying and finally Shut-downs this isn't really a mode more of something to do in you spare time between races basically you drive around and wait for another racer to drive by from then on it's you goal in life to end his.

The graphics look brilliant but the cars always gets dints in the same place on the on the car you are driving no matter how you crash the only thing that can determine what the dint looks like is your speed but that just makes the mark bigger, a bit last generation with the dints. But when the car is wreaked it's hardly noticeable because you usually hurtling through the air at 200 miles per hour. The most annoying thing in the game besides the absence of a restart option and the announcer witch you'd think the developers would have realised is one of gods mistakes put in a video game, is the slow motion it doesn't do anything apart from show off a few graphical glitches, it takes you away from the action and is one of the reasons why you grow tired of this game.

So, the game play is fun but gets tired easily, the crashes take to long and the announcer is giving you a reason to hate video games.

So with all that said this is a bad game right, well no it isn't bad the online mode is fun and just the knowledge of knowing you destroying your car and the city is just plain awesome.

So I liked this game it was a good game but not a good burnout game. Pretend it's another insanely fast racer and you'll be fine.


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Good review i totally agree with your last line. ive also done a burnout paradise review but it doesnt appear on the first page.

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