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Not the burnout I remember

Back in the day when Burnout existed on PS2, it was one of the best games out there. Crashes seemed fairly decent, and the races were generally fun. Burnout Paradise tries to mix up that formula and does so somewhat successfully. First of all it is an Open-World burnout game, which the gaming market is generally moving up to anyways, but it added a few new interesting concepts. At the beginning I enjoyed Paradise, the races were fun and the no retry demo wasn't bad, it was okay. After a while I realized that even the smallest cars would wreck mine, and while the crash scenes are awesome, it is frustrating to see yourself lose from a tiny car that you slightly bumped into. This did not exist in Burnout Revenge, or infact any other Burnout games. At one point it was so frustrating that i simply decided to quit playing the game, hopefully the next burnout will be more back to origins with this concept.
While its not the biggest thing in the game, it certainly made me stop playing it.

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