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Burnout Paradise is the 3Fs to a Tee

I originally owned Burnout Paradise for the 360, when I still had one. After the Box and I parted ways, I knew there were going to be couple games I was going to have to repurchase for the Playstation 3. One of them was Burnout.
At 20 bones, it is a complete steal, plus it is available on PSN, so you don't even have to leave the safety of whichever divorced parents basement you are currently residing in. (Although, you might save time running to the store, as the download and installation can take a few).
I'll go ahead and get one of the few negatives I have to say about the game: the loading for the many, many menus you have to navigate before actually getting into the action. First, a loading screen for the Start screen and Do-Not-Power-Off-While-Saving-Or-You-Will-Fuck-It-Up screen (which just means some frackin asshat did this, complained that he is an idiot, now we get that warning before every PS3 game). Some loading for the EA and Criterion "In Your Face!" screens, loading for the Criteriongames.com, loading for Destination Screen, loading for JunkYard, then, after a power nap, its game time. This all gets a bit old after some loadups. I try not powering off now if I think I will only be off for a couple hours. Real Eco-friendly over here.
But that is just one of a few minor beefs. There is some glitches here and there, which is to become expected (as in one of the rides, the music is muffled, like you are actually outside the car). Overall, the game is very Fast, Furious, and Fun.
Paradise City is huge and there is plenty to do, no matter how long you got time to play. Got 5 minutes (15 total if you include the loading times), jump into a race or just cruise around. There are tons of cars to unlock with more to come (if you don't mind spending some hard earned cash), and they all have their own attributes. Some are best for floating down the road, while others are best a knockin out a keen flat spin. The highlight by far for this game though is when you are just coasting down the road, hitting jump after jump, dodging traffic, and drifting all in one continous run. It is just plain exhilirating.
I feel many games nowadays have gotten all serious on us. Burnout feels like a break from gaming almost, as you get to just relax (sort of) and just have a good time. Feeling down, go Burnout

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