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BurnOut Paradise is great at first, but soon, it gets repetitive.

Back in January 22, 2008, EA and Criterion Games released BurnOut: Paradise for the consoles. It turned out to actually be a great sucsess for the series. Then, one year, EA and Criterion released BurnOut Paradise: The Ultimate Box for PC, marking this as the first BurnOut game to make it on the PC. It had everything the 360 and PS3 versions had. Except, you didn't have to download the motorcycles.

Pros and Cons:
+ Open world to drive in.
+ Great amount of Cars.
+ Multiplayer Modes.
+ Road Rules feature keeps you going in the game.
+ The new addition of Motorcycles.
+ Pretty good Soundtrack.
+ Takedowns can be fun.
+ Great Car Physics.
+ Stunts.
+ Leaderboards.
+ Has a Realistic Feel.
+ Lisence.

- Constantly hearing an annoying guys voice
- Really doing the same thing for the entire game.
- Not a lot of bikes.
- Entire map can be learned quickly.
- Bikes cannot be taken down.
- Free Roam only in the Motorbike parts of Multiplayer.
- Horrible Menu Interface.
- Using non-360 Controllers have a little problems.
- Voice Chat Only.
- Can get repetitive easly.
- "Paradise City" by Guns N' Roses always plays first when you start the game.

Once you start the game and enter the Main Menu, you must be asking yourself, "Where's the options?" They are not there, but somewhere. Once you start a new game, your going through a long cut-scene that gives you a look on Paradise City and what you do in the game. It takes about 3-6 minutes. When you see your car, your at a Junkyard. This is where all of your cars are stored. You gain cars in a very unique way. I'll talk about that later.

Your still trying to find out where the Options menu is so you can configure your controls. You hit escape and see a F1 and F2 Symbol. That's how you move around the menu. You finally find the Control Configure menu. That shows how bad the menu Interface is in the game.

The game is in Open World. It may seem like an open world, but you can get from one place to another very quickly. But, the game has a lot of Game Modes. There's Race, Road Rage, Marked Man, Stunt Run, and Burning Route. Race is normal. You have to get from one place to another . It's an Open World, so you can get there any way. Road Rage is pretty simple, Takedown a certain amount of cars before the Time Limit. Each Takedown gives you extra time. Marked Man is new. You have 3-5 Black Cars trying to Takedown your car. Your objective is to make it to a certain place before you car is totally beaten down. Stunt Run is making a certain number of points while doing stunts. Burning Route requires you to have a certain car and to drive from your starting point to another are in the Time Limit Given.

I said before that I would talk about the unique ways that you get cars in the game. After a few races, there will be a car that is roaming around the city. Your job is to take it down and once you do, you will see the car getting damaged by your takedown. Then it will be avalible for you in the garage.

There is a lisence in the game. Your able to put your face on the lisence if you have a camera with a USB cord. The main thing that the lisence is there is for you to track what rank you are in. You start from rank E. Then you move up to A. You move up the ranks by winning events.

In the Motorbike Game Modes, there is really only one. Its just burning route. There isn't a lot of Motorcycles, so most of the Burning Routes are avaliable.

In the last Pro I said for the game, it said "+ Has A Realistic Feel." By that, I mean you have a Gas Station and a Repair Center. You don't have Gas. Gas is just called Boost for short. As you drive and chrash, your car will soon need to be repaired. Having that realistic feel is pretty cool.

Throughout the game, you will hear a guy that is taking you through the game. He come in a lot, and most of the time, he will never shut up. It really gets annoying when he just keeps talking and never stops. If you think you have escaped him from Multiplayer, your dead wrong.

Multiplayer is alright for the game. You need to sign up and you either Free Roam, or do one of the Game Modes that are avalible for Online, which are only 2 or 3, not including Free Roam. You have a Leaderboard for the Ranked Matches, which are Ranked Races. As you get high ranked in the races, the higher you go in the Leaderboard.

There is a feature that you can do both On and Offline. It's called Road Rules. What it is is when you enter a street, you hit the Road Rules button and you need to finish the street in a faster time then the User that already had the Fastest Time. That feature will keep you playing for a while longer.

All of this is put into BurnOut Paradise, but it all seems to get old quickly. You only have one game mode for Motorbikes both On and Offline, your really doing the same thing all the time for the game, and Online can get old real quickly. If EA and Criterion did a better job when it came to Motorbikes and the open world, I think this game could have done a little better than what it has given.

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