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Take me down to a Paradise City

Burnout Paradise is probably agreed by most people, that it is the most different Burnout to the rest of the series; reasons for this are: You can now free-roam around the city and get to know it well, its the biggest city in a Burnout game to date, and for races your probably best for either following the other cars, or just checking the map.

It can be worse in some terms, since winning a race, and just at the last second taking the wrong turning is rather frustrating, but hopefully you wont do that often. There are 5 licences. D licence, C license, B license, A licence and a Burnout license. Also if you have The Ultimate Box, you'll also have a bike license that is judged over percentages.

The variety of vehicles is immense, never on a Burnout game have there been so many cars to choose from,theres 75 cars, and 4 bikes if you have TUB. They all have different classes, speed, stunt and agression, which all seem to feel pretty much the same and the same speed, but it doesn't seem to matter.

Whats new to the game, is billboards, gates and super jumps, which you can find dotted anywhere around Paradise City. There are 120 billboards in total, 400 gates and 50 super jumps, find them all and you'll be the true Burnout champion. You will also find yourself stumbling upon a few drive throughs now and then, which can help you win a race if your in the middle of one, theres Auto-Repair, Boost Refill and Paint Job.

Now i want to talk about the events, there are soome old favourites in there, like: races, road rage, stunt run(Crashbreaker), etc. But there are also some new events, such as the marked man and burning route, and if you get a bike, there are midnight rides and daytime rides.

So as a conclusion. I think it's the best Burnout game of the series, and only lacking a couple of weaknesses. Its easy to say, this is a true racing experience.

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