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Dont say a thing, its BURNOUT

What can i say about the Burnout Paradise, well its an open world crash ride from start to finish. You start of as a rookie who needs to prove himself in the burnout world, after a few wins you get upgraded to a new license and the world is your oyster.

This huge city offers everything you would expect in a racing game, miles of beautiful scenary and of course competition. Nearly every junction offers an event which is unbelievable, at the fun part is there are no barriers to stop you. For example in race you are given a destination and it is up to to get there any means necessary. Also being an open world game, there a over 400 gates to smash with loads of advertising boards to go through. 

I would say this game will take you about 30+ hours to complete everything but with the dlc you can easily double that. Even though this came out last year for the other platforms EA have released dlc to keep the burnout racer addicted, introducing bikes into the game. That means more races to complete and unlock some crazy racing bikes, also the classic cars pack and the latest download being a new island. It is smaller but is a new place to explore with races and objects to smash.

 Im happy to see this game out on the pc as it is easily the best racing game out there in the market, so i would suggest if you havent bought it, go and get it.

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