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A departure for the series that works like a charm

To be honest, after trying the demo, I was a little worried about how the game would turn out. Luckily, those bad feelings were quickly chased away as I motored around Paradise in it's entirety, having a blast doing nothing, just as an open world game should be. But then I got into the challenges, and a new obsession began, Marked man. The run from point A to point B is really exhilarating, and can leave you praying as you turn down the home stretch, hoping one of those black cars doesn't suddenly smash you into the wall.

And, that is really the felling you get from this game. The intense chases, smashing and unlocking of cars, and  fast pace open world races makes for an extremely exciting game.

Fantastic open world
Sweet looking crashes
Criterion's promise for new content throughout the year. (Including planes and motorcycles!)
Explosive crashes
Fun, unique challenges that retain Burnout's signature style
Awesome Crashes

Getting lost is pretty easy early on
The map can be confusing at times.
No restart button (Although I didn't have too much of an issue with this, it's how you learn the city)

In other words, buy this game.

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