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Great game of early 08 0

The fifth and newest entry in the arcade racer Burnout series by Criterion Games has arrived. While the same chaotic and over the top crashes still remain the formula for this game has totally changed. The largest change would have to be the new open world game- play (similar to any of the Midnight Club games) versus the previous games in the series with the planned events. The entire city is open to do what you want when you want to, such as finding hidden jumps, finding nice C-curves to drift ...

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First Burnout game, Pretty damn good 0

Well this was one of my most anticipated games when i finally got an Xbox 360and picked out all the games that i wanted and to be honest from what ive played only at class B right now its a pretty fullfully and worthy game of this score for these reasons that i will show right now.Lets get on to the gameplay since there is really no story at all...your basically just crashing into people and earning rep for your licence class to go up every time you win like 15 events or 30 or more.So when it co...

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Paradise is a perfect blend of great action and smooth racing 0

Burnout Paradise is a very different Burnout Game. It still has all of the very high intense racing but in a different formula. This time around the game uses an open-ended formula that works well to the games advantage. The game knows how to make this formula work by making everything you do in the games world so seamlessTo start out the game it seems pretty bare and barely gives you any detail. But also th world is so huge that you might be pretty confused about how to do races and other event...

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The new burnout for next gen consoles, any good? Better then othe 0

The answer to all them questions is yes!Burnout paradise is the first burnout game for next gen consoles. It goes in a different direction to the series because unlike the other arcade racing burnouts this has gone for the free roaming part. You are in paradise city which has tons to do in it, you start of as a rubbish driver which a learners permit and must win events to get better driving liences. Paradise city itself is huge with 250 miles of road to drive on (don't know why some people compl...

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Paradise is not's here! 0

WELCOME TO PARADISEBurnout Paradise is an amazing game where you basically just drive around, do races, beat cars down, do some amazing tricks, go off a lot of jumps, and have a blast doing it the amazing scenery to see. THE LOOK THROUGH MY SUNGLASSESParadise has to be one of the best looking racing games ever. For me i believe Motorstorm is amazing in the graphics area but Paradise comes amazingly close. The reflection on the cars look amazing, the sky looks natural and realistic....

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Burnout Paradise (PS3, PC) - Review 2009 0

Review from http://bngames.basicallynothing.comI am going to just straight out say it: Burnout Paradise is the best Next Gen game to come out on any platform yet.  There, I said it.  You can now stop reading this and go buy it if you haven’t.  If you have not bought this game yet, go do so, THEN read my review.  I don’t care what console or PC you buy it on, just buy the damn game already, nothing im about to say is going to sway your opinion otherwise.  If you consider yourself a gamer, or even...

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Driving is a pleasure in Paradise 0

Burnout Paradise is a super charged open world racing game. It has 5 modes in the single player mode that will give players a verity of challenges. The modes include the legendary Road Rage, Classic Race, Insane Freeburn Routes, and the new Stunt Run. The game unlocks levels based on the burnout license the player obtains during the playtime. The more races the player wins the closer chance the player gets to unlock a new license. Burnout Paradise also includes a multiplayer mode over Xbox Live....

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beeping down the street has a new meaning. 0

This game came out for the PS3 and Xbox360 in Jan. of 08, and has just been released on PC this past Feb. It’s been constantly updated with new modes and vehicles, some free, some for a price, the support from the developer has been great. The Good – Intense arcade style racing gameplay. Graphics have a fast, silky smooth framerate. Car wrecks seem to be randomly generated and are some of the most spectacular of any game.The sense of speed is exhilarating, the satisfaction from wrecking other ...

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Fast and adrenaline-fueled, the way it should be. 0

 Arcade racers are my favorite kind of racers, nothing beats the adrenaline-fueled or reckless driving not caring if the next corner will serve as a straightener, a crashing point, or both; that's what gaming is all about. Burnout Paradise pleases me with its approach, it's an arcade racer by heart, and it's not afraid to admit that, actually, it practically shouts proudly for everyone to know it. The controls pretty much tell you that, to help cornering a simple push at the break button and you...

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Great game! 0

I just bought this game a week ago from a site called mobgob for like $20. Given the price of this game, it is one of the most amazing I have ever seen. I am already at about 45% complete, not because I am overly good at it, but because it's SO addictingly awesome! I would recommend this game to anyone, the racing, cops and robbers, and other games all add to it. In fact, the only reason I am not giving this 5 stars is because some of the accomplishments are a little TOO hard to get. I mean, I a...

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Burnout Paradise 0

Is there any developer buzz term more meaningless these days than "open-world gameplay"? Let's face it, it's kind of been done to death at this point, so you have to look on with a bit of skepticism when a developer touts the concept as the next big thing for its franchise. It's understandable, then, if Burnout Paradise's concept freaks you out a little bit. Burnout has, by tradition, been a fairly structured arcade racing game up to this point, and one would have to wonder exactly how well an o...

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Rescinded 0


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Burnout Paradise - Original Jul 21 2013 0

9.4/10 - This game at first i didn't like it. I thought what happened to my burnout. But soon after i loved it and my favourite racing game on the 360. Great single player and multiplayer is ace. And the DLC is amazing , i have the legendary pack and it's great.Got elite licence and i still play it. I don't usually like dlc content , but for this it's ace. Burnout paradise is a open-world racer , from street races to rood rage. It fun to explore hidden areas and the online challenges keep you c...

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Navigation can be a pain, but Burnout is still an addictive rush. 0

Full disclosure -- I wasn’t a fan of Burnout Paradise when it originally was released. I tried to give it my best effort, but the open-city format proved to be too jarring at the time and so it sat on my shelf for three long years. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in this. Criterion’s decision to eliminate discrete racing tracks in favor of a GTA-style “open world” format quickly alienated a lot of racing fans who just couldn’t wrap their heads around the freedom the developers wanted to bring into their...

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Racing Revolution 0

This game is amazing. Now that I got that out of the way, let me explain why. On the surface, it's simple: stop at a stoplight and perform in one of five events to gain new cars and better, yet still creased, licenses. But underneath is a daunting level of complexity and the scale of the game is really very frightening. There are Superjumps, which are special ramps that activate beautiful cinematic camera angles and can result in some daunting crashes, which I will talk about more later, Billboa...

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Favorite Burnout So Far 0

I have rented this game multiple times and am unable to tare my hands away from my controller.All of the different aspects of this game are near perfection. All the different challenges have me driving around Paradise City like a mad man. I just want to complete them all. Online is pure addiction. If I do not have the game on me I sometimes play the demo online, which is fun.There are, as with every game, some flaws. I sometimes get lost in the giant landscape that is Paradise City and the surro...

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Paradise is here, and it's full of smashed-up cars... 0

I've never quite understood just exactly why racing games are as popular as they are. For me, racing games are similar to fighting games. It's fun to play with your buddies, but doing it alone get's real boring, real fast. It's no wonder, then, that Burnout Paradise surprised me in ways I'd never thought possible. There you are, driving around in a huge city that just looks amazing, with challenges being thrown at your face just about wherever you go. You see ramps to jump over, shortcuts to be ...

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A game that you wont soon forget 0

The Burnout series has pretty much been the same since the beginning with slight changes and graphical updates. In my opinion i think Burnout Paradise is the best of the series. Many games have tried the open world concept, and most of them have failed. Burnout successfully tackles the open world concept. If you played other burnout games you will be familiar with this one even though it can get confusing and annoying at times. You start out the game with a junker and have to go to the repair sh...

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Burnout Paradise brings some well made changes to the series. 0

Burnout Paradise is the fifth game in the highly acclaimed Burnout series by Criterion Games and Electronic Arts. The game was released on January 22, 2008, and is in my opinion the best Burnout game to date! Burnout Paradise makes many changes from the past series titles, with free roam being the most noticeable change. The same down and dirty racing style that we've all come to know and love is back and better than before as well!Burnout Paradise's single player mode takes place in the fiction...

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A Paradise City for Speed Junkies 0

If you were just thinking of moving to Paradise City, you might want to rethink that. What with the constant vehicular carnage that spews across the streets and intersections of the city. Maybe we weren’t talking about the same Paradise City? I was of course referring to the setting of Criterion’s racing masterpiece, Burnout: Paradise. There really is not a whole lot of negative things to say about this iteration in the long running Burnout series. With a fantastic marriage of racing game and op...

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Take me down! 0

This game is amazing.  The graphics are amazing.  The crashing is the best crashing I've seen.  The races are fun.  Road Rage is super fun.  I'm no good at the stunt runs but I like screwing around.I don't judge this game for what it isn't.  It isn't a circuit racer.  It isn't a simulation.  It isn't any of the Burnout games that came before it. (Which is fine with me, I never played any of those.  What it is, is wide open, gorgeous, fast and brilliant online racing.p.s. It actually looks better...

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Gorgeous graphics 0

I decided that this game wasn't worth 60$ when I first heard about it and decided to wait until it was cheaper. All I can say is boy am I sorry I waited. This game takes the phrase open-world to extremes, by barring you from restarting races, which is very frustrating at time, and just having to press right on the d-pad to open the online; Although it can be annoying not being able to restart, you'll soon get over and just stare in awe at the gorgeous graphics. The races can get a bit too easy ...

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Burnout isnt the same as before 0

Game play: Not very impressed by Paradise compared to its predecessor, I have noticed that crash mode has been removed its a shame since I really liked the hole structure that racing mode had. Paradise has many great cares and variety for the races, Like Aggressive cars are made for Road Rage and its not meant to do quick maneuvers. Stunt cars are made for Stunt Races and those cars are best to achieve air, barrel rolls and drifting and they are not meant to be durable and solid while in a crash...

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Best Future proof game, ever. 0

From the first moment you start the game you will notice that the game is entirely free roaming and you can go anywhere. This however creates a big flaw to the game since the franchise has been known for it's arcadey racing tracks. To start a race you'll have to go to one of the many intersections where you will have to hold the left and right triggers. Once a race has started you're let go, you will briefly see the finish area and you'll have to get ready for a confusing sprint where you'll hav...

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EA's tainted fingerprints are all over this game 0

I'll begin by getting the good out of the way. The driving is fast and exhilirating, Paradise City itself is simple gorgeous and burnout fans will love it, while Average Joe will be entertained.My problem is the air of falseness hanging over this title like a choking smog. The constant " If only you had an Xbox 360 Camera(tm) then this would be so much better" and "Playing online and gaining rivals is really awesome, try it out now" make this game much damper than it should be.The n00b friendly ...

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