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Improving on Burnout 3 Proves to Be Difficult 0

Burnout 3 was one of the best games of 2004; some would even say THE best.  Creating a followup to a game that great is always difficult but Criterion has answered that challenge successfully.  Burnout Revenge, although not as "holy shit look at this" as its predecessor, is an excellent game.  By bringing back almost everything that was great about Takedown and adding such features as "Traffic Checking," vertical takedowns, and an increased focus on track variations, Burnout Revenge has fir...

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A fun diversion, but by this point the formula was getting stale. 0

burnout revenge is an obvious improvement over takedown. particularly the collision effects with rear ending cars as opposed to head on collisions...yeah! you can actually survive them now, and not only that the game encourages you in several modes to do exactly that. the draw distance is the biggest advantage the circle-box has to offer. with the heightened resolution, it is noticeable in how much farther you can see while racing. i think we can agree that's kind of important when you're doing ...

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Another great Burnout game 0

Ah. Burnout. Possibly the greatest arcade racing series ever. Well, the first two titles might not have been the greatest, but after EA stepped in, things changed. For the better. Burnout 3: Takedown was groundbreaking and deserved the critical acclaim it achieved. Dodging traffic at incredible speeds while taking out opponents was easily affiliated to Burnout 3. This time, everything is turned up a notch. The first thing you’ll notice is the new slick menu interface with one of the game’s fast...

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great. 0

 Burnout Revenge takes everything that succeeded in B3, Upgraded it, Smoothined it,and Added to it. The Main addition to the game is the main fact you can hit people going the same way you are and plow through them.. even though the animation is pretty ridicoulus(when a truck goes flying over a building) the satisfaction of a unexpected car being slammed from behind, hearing the brakes squeel, and see the car go into a head on collision.. pure PWN4GE. Another new mode added this year is Traffic ...

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Lacking Substance 0

Every iteration of Burnout so far has had it's flaws, but the amount of surrounding good stuff has always been sufficiently high to make each title playable. And when you first sit down with Burnout Revenge, everything seems to be in place; over the top presentation, fast cars, annoying music and of course, the speed. But after just a couple of races, the fun just isn't there anymore, instead it feels vapid, clinical even. They've made a checklist of requirements, particular things they need to ...

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It'll get the adrenaline pumpin' 0

Burnout Revenge is a racing game that takes the concept of arcade racing just about as far as it can be taken. While sim racers like Forza 2 and Gran Turismo dedicate themselves to simulating racing, Burnout simply aims to offer speed thrills. Driving the wrong way at 200 miles per hour really gets your heart pumping.The races in Burnout Revenge are downright epicBurnout has a sense of speed few other games can offer. The game has alot of highperformance vehicles, though none of them are licence...

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New gameplay elements take the series to new heights. 0

Burnout was once just another racing game with the gimmick of smashing up a few cars and blowing stuff up but with every instalment the series seems to evolve and improve and has really made a name for itself in the racing genre. Burnout 3: Takedown was when the series reached a level of racing that put most other racing games to shame with a perfect balance of speed and tactics. Now EA bring you Burnout: Revenge which is rougher, tougher and just a little meaner than its predecessor. While this...

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Online fun! 0

You could justify buying this game on the single player aspect alone. I owned Burnout on my old Xbox and enjoyed it immensly from start to finish. But Revenge manages to raise the bar even further and not only improve on the single player game in just about every area but also present one of the most cohesive and intense Live games available on the 360. Criterion has implemented a simple yet effective 'revenge' system which tracks all the people you've crossed paths with in previous races. So i...

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some sort of addictiveness 0

I have to admit this is my first burnout game. Known to be one of the best arcade racers, I decided to pick up burnout revenge to keep my collection as varied as possible. Keeping the expectations low I ended up spending 3 hours on my first sit down. This continued on. The gameplay is of some sort of addiction. The particle effects add to the sense of speed. The sheer sense of speed is in the range of blinding. The one big problem with game is the loading time. This is par for all games using th...

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