Burnout Revenge

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Sep 13, 2005

    The fourth installment to the Burnout series, Revenge expands on the fast-paced racing series by adding new features such as same-way Traffic Checking, Vertical Takedowns, Traffic Attack mode, and changes to Crash mode.

    turboman's Burnout Revenge (PlayStation 2) review

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     Burnout Revenge takes everything that succeeded in B3, Upgraded it, Smoothined it,and Added to it. The Main addition to the game is the main fact you can hit people going the same way you are and plow through them.. even though the animation is pretty ridicoulus(when a truck goes flying over a building) the satisfaction of a unexpected car being slammed from behind, hearing the brakes squeel, and see the car go into a head on collision.. pure PWN4GE. Another new mode added this year is Traffic Attack.. where.. you guessed it.. You hit every car in sight and cause as much damage as possible within the time limit.. this isn't the new BEST mode.. but it's just as fun as every other mode. The crash mode is updated so now its like Golf...with cars.. or atleast thats what they said.. Crash mode now starts out with a bar.. think Tiger Woods Power bar.. this determines if you start with a boost, or...explode. Road Rage is the same.. except a tad bit harder for some reason. The races.. are still as fun as ever.

    The gameplay is still really really fast, and really really fun. Plowing cars over is a nice touch. All the modes are very fun still. This is the best racer out there

    The graphics is very awesome indeed.. car models/particles are very well detailed and shiny. This game was very well polished.

    all hail.. it sounds so beutiful.. it makes you cry.. all the screaching.. The Trax is decent though

    for 50 bux, you get one of the best games of the year.. gotta love it. this game will last you a while + a great online mode

    Gameplay- 9.5
    Graphics- 9.0
    Sound- 10
    Value- 10

    Overall 9.4    

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      I have to admit this is my first burnout game. Known to be one of the best arcade racers, I decided to pick up burnout revenge to keep my collection as varied as possible. Keeping the expectations low I ended up spending 3 hours on my first sit down. This continued on. The gameplay is of some sort of addiction. The particle effects add to the sense of speed. The sheer sense of speed is in the range of blinding. The one big problem with game is the loading time. This is par for all games using th...

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      New gameplay elements take the series to new heights. 0

      Burnout was once just another racing game with the gimmick of smashing up a few cars and blowing stuff up but with every instalment the series seems to evolve and improve and has really made a name for itself in the racing genre. Burnout 3: Takedown was when the series reached a level of racing that put most other racing games to shame with a perfect balance of speed and tactics. Now EA bring you Burnout: Revenge which is rougher, tougher and just a little meaner than its predecessor. While this...

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