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Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre is an action game developed by Juicy Beast and published by Kongregate for Browser, Android, iPhone, and iPad.


Getting Ready To Launch
Getting Ready To Launch

In Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre players launch one of three Lucha Libre style characters into an enemy by pulling them back in wrestling ring ropes and letting go. Depending on where the animation of the enemy is determines how much power the player has going into the game.

Once launched, the goal is to try and get as far as possible. The character will bounce off of either the ground or one of the many types of gummy bears that run across the ground or fly through the air.

Players will lose some of their speed and momentum when landing on the ground or hitting a cop gummy bear with a trap on their head.

There are sectioned off areas separated by "cake walls". These cake walls will severely slow the player, or even stop them.

The first area is made up of five smaller sections with a boss at the end. If this boss is defeated, players will open up access to one last area which will yield higher monetary rewards.


There are several upgrades that can be purchased using the in game currency. The upgrades are split in to categories with each item being able to be upgraded multiple times.


There are pinatas in the game that can be obtained by running in to them in a stage or by collecting a group of three of them every three hours by watching an advertisement. The pinatas collected during a stage can not be opened unless an advertisement is watched first.

These pinatas will give players four cards that are tapped to be revealed. These cards will grant players with currency, bonus items, or discounts on upgrades.


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