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    The fastest and largest of the Ginyu Force. He was said to be the fastest in the universe, which gained him the nickname, "The Blue Hurricane."

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    In The Series

      Burter is the largest member of the Ginyu Force and also one of the strongest, Captain Ginyu being the strongest member. He is also known as the “Blue Hurricane” due to his amazing speed, which for years was only rivaled by Frieza’s.

       Frieza calls the Ginyu Force to the planet Namek in order to help him collect all the Dragon Balls and wish for immortality. The Ginyu Force quickly jumps into action when they arrive and Burter displays his speed by catching a Dragon Ball thrown by Vegeta with ease. Burter watches his teammate Guldo die at the hands of Vegeta and than watches his other teammate, Recoome, beat Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin to near death. Goku arrives on Namek, saves his friends and Vegeta with some Senzu Beans, and knocks out Recoome with one hit before Burter and Jeice tag up against Goku. Although one of the strongest fighters in the universe Burter is quickly knocked out by Goku and his tag partner Jeice flees the scene fearing his own safety. Being a kind-hearted fighter Goku leaves Recoome and Burter alive but unfortunately Vegeta ruthlessly kills both of them despite Goku's wishes. Burter appears later in the series with the rest of the Ginyu Force, minus their captain, in Other World fighting both Goku and his friends on two separate occasions, they lose both times.  

    In The Games

      Burter appears in various Dragon Ball Z games and is actually playable in the Tenkaichi series and the next gen Raging Blast series. His attacks mainly consist of speed and team up combos with his partner Jeice.

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