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Bushido Blade 2 is a 3D fighting game published by Squaresoft and developed by Light Weight. The game takes place in modern Japan and the plot revolves around a war between two samurai clans.


Gengoro nodachi decap.
Gengoro nodachi decap.

The gameplay in Bushido Blade 2 is designed to be more realistic than most fighting games. One strike to the right area causes an instant kill. The player may also injure their opponents hands making them unable to hold two swords. There are 2 attack buttons used for performing horizontal and vertical attacks. Player wielding each weapon has 3 selectable stances with specific sets of moves. The player can surrender any time during battle by pressing select, what will result in a cutscene with the enemy decapitating (although it is not fully shown as the body unfortunately remains intact) or shooting the kneeling warrior in the back of his head.

Selectable weapons

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