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    Bust a Groove 2

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Aug 22, 2000

    Bust a Groove 2 is the sequel to music/fighting game by Metro Graphics, Bust a Groove. It introduces new characters with a brand new song selection.

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    Bust a Groove 2 is a rhythm game that has two characters dancing against each other on a single stage. Each character has a bar telling them what to press and depending on the difficulty it may be just arrows, arrows mixed with X and O, or arrows mixed with X, O Triangle and Square. During the game the first buttons may be pressed at any time during the first three beats which will flash green on that bar while the 4 beat flashes red in a single square. The longer you chain your combos together the more points you get, but as you get more combos your pattern will become more challenging.

    Groove Bars

    Around your life total is a colored bar that changes colors starting at blue and ending at Red. You build up this bar by hitting Just Timing which is hitting the final beat at the right time. Depending on your level you will add bars to the groove bars in-between the two scores. If you match all three at the same level then you will activate bonus points and something will happen to the stage. The Colors are Green (COOL!), Red (CHILLIN!), and Blue (FREEZE!).


     Hiro has a fever for flying bank gems
    Hiro has a fever for flying bank gems

    At the start of the stage you will see two blue orbs attached to your score total. If you hit R1 (or O on easy you) on the 4 beat will start an attack. With a successful attack you will knock your opponent of his feet rendering unable to dance for a few turns and you will steal some points. If you are attacked you can stop it one of two ways. First you can defend by pressing the r2 button on the 4 beat you will stop the attack. The other option is more risky in that you hit your attack button on the 4 beat and it must be on Just Timing or else it will fail. If you succeed at a reversal you will send the attack right back at the attacker.

    Fever Time

    As the stages progress the better you dance the more it changes. Once at the end of the stage however if your score is high enough you enter Fever Time. Fever Time is a little dance showcase to a fast paced song to show you have done really well for this stage. If the two competitors are close enough together in score they will both enter Fever Time.


    Each originally playable character had their own unique stage that reflected their personality or gimmick. The

    Kelly faces off against Comet on Comets stage.
    Kelly faces off against Comet on Comets stage.

    hidden non boss characters shared their songs with another of the starting characters.

    • Bi-O - Zombie Hopper
    • Capoeira/ChiChi & Sally - Allegretto Break
    • Comet/Sushi Boy - Magic Tower
    • Heat - The Heat Is On
    • Hiro/Hustle Kong - Let the Music Take Control
    • Kelly/McLoad - Moon Light Party ~ Clap Your Hands
    • Kitty-N/Michael Doi - Hello! Kitty-N
    • Shorty/Columbo - Hizashi no oku no Happy Heart
    • Strike - Here Comes Trouble
    • Tsutomu - Got to be Happy
    • Robo-Z Gold - Acid Line
    • Pander - Enka 1


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