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    Butch is the leader of the Tunnel Snakes.

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    Leader of the Tunnel Snakes
    Butch DeLoria is a character in the game Fallout 3, who resides in Vault 101 along with your player character, the Vault Dweller. His role in the game is simply the Bully at first; then later, he starts his own gang called the Tunnel Snakes, consisting of Wally Mack and Paul Hannon. That essentially makes him a "professional" bully, as it's later discovered that the Overseer had used the Tunnel Snakes to exact a sort of unruly order within the student body.

    Growing up, he’d been the thorn in the side of the Vault Dweller, always teasing, humiliating, and sometimes resorting to physical violence; ever the bully. However, it didn't remain so. Snakes can repent, and the Vault Dweller has the option to either help or hinder the relationship. Regardless of the outcome, Butch changes [most of] his ways and the Vault Dweller can eventually jump on the opportunity to take on the wastes as a bona fide Tunnel Snake.

    “The Tunnel Snakes could ride again! Or, y’know, slither again, whatever.”


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