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    Butcherblock Mountains

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    The Butcherblock Mountains line the western coast of Faydwer and are patrolled by the dwarves of Kaladim.

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    Butcherblock Mountains
    Butcherblock Mountains

    The Butcherblock Mountains of western Faydwer are where visitors from Antonica first land after crossing the Ocean of Tears. The docks were built by the elves after they were forced from their homeland by the raging inferno set forth by Solusek Ro. A series of buildings at the docks represent each of the races to be found on the continent. A trail leads away from the docks, passing by the dwarven city of Kaladim all the way to the Greater Faydark. Dwarven warriors known as the Stormguard patrol this road from their dozens of guard houses posted along the way, making the region tricky to navigate for anyone who has earned the hatred of the dwarves (or were just born with it). The creatures of this region are relatively dosile unless provoked. Many dwarves learn their first skills in these mountains by battling scarabs, basilisks, and an occasional drake. A druid ring to the southwest allows for many to skip the long boat ride by simply teleporting to the continent. To the east, a giant chessboard can be found. Its origins are unknown. To the south lies a passage to Dagnor's Cauldron.

    During the Age of Turmoil, after the discovery of Kunark, a second pier was built that would ferry travelers out to a much larger ship that made its way back and forth across the Timorous Deep.

    Around the time of the discovery of what would become known as the Lost Dungeons, the Wayfarers Brotherhood set up a camp in the southeastern region of the Butcherblock Mountains. Their members hand out missions and quests for any willing to brave the depths of Mistmoore's Catacombs. Their magus has the ability to translocate anyone to any of the other Wayfarers camps around the world free of charge.

    Neighboring Zones

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    The DocksFood, Water, General Supplies
    Druid RingDruid Spells
    Huts by FaydarkChain ArmorPottery
    Huts by KaladimFood, WaterBaking, Smithing
    Southwest TowerLeather ArmorTailoring
    West TowerFood, Water, General Supplies


    Notable NPCs

    • Corflunk
    • Durkis Battlemore
    • Ellona
    • Glubbsink
    • Kandin Firepot
    • Magus Tira
    • Nyzil Bloodforge
    • Orc Runner
    • Peg Leg
    • Signus Boran
    • Vedico Windwisper
    • Walnan
    • Zarchoomi

    Notable Items

    • Blade of Nobility
    • Riptide Spear

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